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MiniProfiler: Lightweight profiler for ASP.NET web applications
I found very cool small profiler that can also be used on production sites to quickly detect bottle necks in web application code. The profiler is called MiniProfiler and in this posting I will introduce you how to use it in your code. As a first thing...
How to make AJAX-requests to ASP.NET MVC application using jQuery
I decided to write over long time one posting that is directed to beginners who start with jQuery and AJAX . One of the first things to study is how to make requests to server and how to retrieve objects. In this posting I will show you how to use jQuery...
Stepping into ASP.NET MVC source code with Visual Studio debugger
Using Visual Studio symbols and source files makes debugging much easier. I am specially happy about ASP.NET MVC 2 source files because I develop on ASP.NET MVC 2 almost every day. You may also find other useful symbols and source files. In this posting...
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