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Using TPL and PLINQ to raise performance of feed aggregator
In this posting I will show you how to use Task Parallel Library (TPL) and PLINQ features to boost performance of simple RSS-feed aggregator. I will use here only very basic .NET classes that almost every developer starts from when learning parallel programming...
Entity Framework 4.0: Optimal and horrible SQL
Lately I had Entity Framework 4.0 session where I introduced new features of Entity Framework. During session I found out with audience how Entity Framework 4.0 can generate optimized SQL. After session I also showed guys one horrible example about how...
.NET Framework 4.0: Comparing LINQ and PLINQ performance
In one of my sessions I demonstrated how PLINQ uses two CPU-s instead of one and has better performance than non-parallel processing. In this posting I will introduce my experiment and show you my example results. In the end of this posting you can find...
Using LINQ and reflection to find matching properties of objects
As a side product of some experiments I wrote simple LINQ query that matches properties of two objects and returns these properties as list. The code I wrote is pretty simple and I packed it for you as method. C# public IList < PropertyInfo > GetMatchingProperties...
Posted: Dec 26 2009, 01:25 PM by DigiMortal | with 20 comment(s)
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.Net Framework 4.0: System.IO.File supports now IEnumerable<string>
.Net Framework 4.0 adds also some new and cool features to file system objects. File class has now ReadLines() methods that returns IEnumerable<string>. WriteAllLines() methods has two overload methods that accept IEnumerable<string> instead...
Posted: Oct 26 2009, 05:05 AM by DigiMortal | with 15 comment(s)
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Using LINQ to query object hierarchies
I used LINQ to solve the following problem: find all titles of objects at hierarchy level X when you know object ID in hierarchy level Y. I cannot imagine if there is some other solution that is same short and clear as one that LINQ provides. Take a look...
Posted: Sep 15 2009, 09:18 AM by DigiMortal | with 12 comment(s)
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Links 2009-08-19
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Entity Framework 4.0: POCOs and table-per-type inheritance mapping
In my previous posting Entity Framework 4.0: How to use POCOs I introduced how simple it is to use POCOs with Entity Framework 4.0. In this posting I will refactor my photo gallery model a little bit and introduce you how to implement table-per-type inheritance...
Entity Framework 4.0: How to use POCOs
Entity Framework 4.0 will provide us with POCO support. That’s good because Entity Framework supports more inheritance mapping strategies than LINQ To SQL but currently it doesn’t support POCOs. To try out Visual Studio 2010 and ASP.NET 4.0 new features...
.Net Framework 4.0: System.Linq.Parallel
.Net Framework 4.0 has parallel computing extensions for LINQ. Previously it was possible to download parallel extensions for LINQ separately from CodePlex. Of course, you can still use these extensions if you have older version that 4.0. I wrote a little...
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