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Using TPL and PLINQ to raise performance of feed aggregator
In this posting I will show you how to use Task Parallel Library (TPL) and PLINQ features to boost performance of simple RSS-feed aggregator. I will use here only very basic .NET classes that almost every developer starts from when learning parallel programming...
.NET Framework 4.0: Comparing LINQ and PLINQ performance
In one of my sessions I demonstrated how PLINQ uses two CPU-s instead of one and has better performance than non-parallel processing. In this posting I will introduce my experiment and show you my example results. In the end of this posting you can find...
Links 2009-08-19
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.Net Framework 4.0: System.Linq.Parallel
.Net Framework 4.0 has parallel computing extensions for LINQ. Previously it was possible to download parallel extensions for LINQ separately from CodePlex. Of course, you can still use these extensions if you have older version that 4.0. I wrote a little...
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