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Example: Creating workflow to request songs from radio station
Today I played with WF 4.0 declarative workflows. This posting shows you simple workflow that you can extend to add songs to online radio station queue. My main focus here is workflow and I will provide here no logic for actual queue implementation. You...
There is no context attached to the incoming message for the service and the current operation is not marked with "CanCreateInstance = true"
I got this error when testing my example WF 4.0 workflow that runs on WCF. To get over this error just open your workflow, select Receive activity and make check to checkbox called CanCreateInstance (click on image at right to see it at original size...
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Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0: Hello, workflow!
With Visual Studio 2010 we can also try out Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0. This posting introduces simple workflow with one new activity and provides you with some tips how to get Training Kit example running. Also I prepared some screenshots for you...
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