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Creating gadget-like blocks for Windows Home Server 2011 web add-in user interface
To keep user interface of your Windows Home Server 2011 (WHS) web add-in similar to other parts of UI you may need styled blocks like shown on WHS web interface home page. In this post I will show you HTML mark-up and CSS you need to create your own gadget...
Setting up Windows Home Server 2011 development environment
For Windows Home Server 2011 (WHS) there are new API-s available you can use to extend WHS web and desktop interfaces. Actually there is no Windows Home Server SDK anymore – now we have common Windows Server Solutions (WSS) SDK that works also for Windows...
Just released: WHS YouTube Downloader beta
I just released to Codeplex the first beta of my Windows Home Server 2011 web add-in called WHS YouTube Downloader . Log in to WHS web interface, add YouTube videos to download queue, do something useful while home server downloads videos and watch them...
Windows Home Server needs new licensing scheme
Fast development of technology and quickly spreading fast internet with new devices and technology open new ways for us to connect our homes with other family members. Windows Home Server is product that needs heavy refresh and one thing that Windows...
My next year TOP5 wishlist for Windows media, WP7 and XBox teams in Microsoft
After building up my home network where XBox streams media from Windows Home Server using Windows Media Center I was very happy with my solution. Over weeks and months of active consuming of my media I found a lot of things that need to be improved or...
Connecting Windows Home Server to web through two routers
I wanted to get my Windows Home Server configured correctly for web so I have valid certificate by Microsoft and I can use subdomain service they are offering. As my home network is not default that is expected by Windows Home Server (no direct access...
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