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Sessions I plan to visit at TechDays 2013 Belgium
As I’m going to TechDays 2013 Belgium I made my first plans about sessions I want to visit. It’s always good idea to make some home work before event because it is the only way how to make good decisions. Here is the list of sessions I plan to visit....
Let’s go to TechDays 2013 Belgium!
Last autumn I found some very good presentations from Channel9 and they all were made during TechDays 2012 Netherlands and Belgium. One of those sessions was even so useful that I made some updates to my community presentations I worked on. This year...
Building mobile web site with ASP.NET MVC and jQuery Mobile
jQuery Mobile is unified UI system that will work on all popular mobile device platforms. Currently alpha version is available to download . In this posting I will show you how to use jQuery Mobile with ASP.NET MVC 3 and how jQuery Mobile pages look on...
Windows Phone 7 development: Using isolated storage
In my previous posting about Windows Phone 7 development I showed how to use WebBrowser control in Windows Phone 7 . In this posting I make some other improvements to my blog reader application and I will show you how to use isolated storage to store...
Windows Phone 7 Series development: reading RSS feeds
One limitation on Windows Phone 7 is related to System.Net namespace classes. There is no convenient way to read data from web. There is no WebClient class. There is no GetResponse() method – we have to do it all asynchronously because compact framework...
Windows Phone 7 Series development: first impressions
After hard week in work I got some free time to play with Windows Phone 7 CTP developer tools . Although my first test application is still unfinished I think it is good moment to share my first experiences to you. In this posting I will give you quick...
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