ASP.NET Search Sitemaps - something for SEO

ASP.NET Futures introduced support for search engine sitemaps. This is content detection protocol introduced originally by Google and later accepted also by Microsoft and Yahoo! ASP.NET makes sitemaps generating easy for us and as a bonus their model is perfect for more complex web applications like e-commerce and e-services sites. Let's see now what we can do.


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  • Yes, robots.txt should say to spiders where sitemap file locates. There are no restrictions set on sitemap file name.

  • interesting post.

    I built a site wide solution that you can plug into any existing site.

    See link under my name.

  • For larger sites you need to use some automatics that generates all the links available. The pages that are called "landing pages" are the only ones that need very careful handling and strong propagation in web. The other pages usually are not considered so important and to get best out of them you should use automatics.

    The interesting thing comes from code design side if we want to integrate search sitemaps support to our applications. It is possible to create common interface for search sitemap entries that all publicly exposed objects implement. In this case we should be able to automate also sitemaps manual management through system's user interface.

    I mean we may have a custom control that let's us handle the sitemaps specific information on insert and edit forms.

  • Does anyone know when the Search SiteMaps feature is going to make it into production code rather than being part of the mysterious "Futures" release? The last bit of information I found on futures was July 2007 - since then nothing it seems.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I don't know exactly but let's hope that Sitemaps will be available with .Net 3.5 SP1

  • Hi,

    Great article! I know that the AspNetSiteMapSearchSiteMapProvider is used when you have a static "web.sitemap" sitting in your application root, but what if I wanted to use the DynamicDataSearchSiteMapProvider instead for navigation URLs? The reason is becuse I am using Jeff Prosise's SqlSitemapMapProvider, and have no idea where to go from here! Could you shed a little light on this please.


  • Well... you have to write your own search sitemap provider that is able to use SqlSitemapMapProvider. All sitemap providers are using same interface and as long as you use this interface you can create search sitemaps based on all providers you have.

    When you are creating search sitemap you have to step through all nodes in given sitemap and add links you got to search sitemap.

  • Thanks for sharing

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