Creating downloadable calendar item of SPListItem

Recently I prepared some code to download calendar item from SharePoint web part to user computer. I was lucky because the web part will only be used on details view of one list. The testing code I wrote was simple and short.


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  • what is comprable to SPListItem outside of sharepoint.

  • I'm diving head first into SharePoint right now here at work (our enmnronveit is > 2000 site collections), and I'm actually trying to make a case to the business to use the blog portion of CS instead the built in (terrible) MOSS blog when we roll with MOSS 2007. You know how to reach me if you'd like to have some conversations offline; I'd love to be a part of this in any way possible. Definitely a good move on Telligent's part though, and I was just thinking about this very topic recently and sketching out some plans to integrate the 2 in our enmnronveit.

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