Starting with ASP.NET MVC

About a week ago I started learning ASP.NET MVC framework. It is pretty cool entertainment for cold winter nights as I found out. Here are the steps I made to get started:


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  • Hi Vaibhav thanks for comminteng.I've been mulling it over, over the course of the day. Here are the salient points.1: I've not invested in WebForms knowledge massively though my knowledge of yer basic/raw HTML is pretty good.2: Almost everything I do is test-driven.3: I'm pretty happy with a Winforms-like programming interface.4: I hate code and HTML being mushed together.5: I get to choose, and I carry the can if it goes wrong Points to MVC, I'd say. Now the choice is between the standard view engine, Brails (Boo==love) or the NHAML renderer. I think I'll need to sit down and do a couple of hours playing.The rest of the stack will be the Castles projects ActiveRecord with ActiveWriter providing the modelling environment. I'll have to hack ActiveWriter to allow better attributing of properties though.\m

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