Montreal - MSDN Canada User Group Tour - Interop

It's tonight !

More info about the Montreal meeting:


Through February and March, Canadian .NET User Groups are hosting meetings with Microsoft Developer Specialists and members of .NET community. You're invited to come and learn more about Methods for interoperability between .NET and J2EE.

Enterprises often rely on many systems sprinkled across organizational and corporate boundaries. This event will present the big picture for interoperability and integration of .NET systems to Java-based systems. Topics will include approaches to remote procedure calls and messaging, communication with non-Microsoft database platforms, enterprise system integration using bridges and connectors, and of course Web services for interoperable XML data exchange. You’ll see demonstrations that illustrate interoperable messaging with and without Web services, and you’ll see how various platforms are supporting emerging standards such as OASIS Web Services Security. More importantly, you’ll leave this event with a greater understanding of choices available for supporting multi-platform solutions within an enterprise.


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