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Guy Barrette

Microsoft Regional Director, Montreal, Canada

September 2008 - Posts

Visual Studio 2010 First Previews

Microsoft has published some information about Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4.0 today.

Visual Studio Team System 2010 Week on Channel 9:

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Visual Studio Talk Show #82 is now online (French)

James Lapalme: Le Web sémantique

Nous discutons avec James Lapalme du Web sémantique. Le Web sémantique désigne un ensemble de technologies visant à rendre le contenu des ressources du World Wide Web accessible et utilisable par les programmes et agents logiciels, grâce à un système de métadonnées formelles.

James Lapalme est architecte d’entreprise chez Investissement PSP. Il travaille depuis 2001 avec le concept d'ontologie et de «Domain-Specific Language» (DSL). Il possède une connaissance large et approfondie des technologies OO et du génie logiciel. Il compte à son actif plusieurs publications dans des conférences internationales IEEE/ACM. De plus, il est un candidat au PhD en informatique à l’Université de Montréal. A ce titre, il a été invité à présenter sa recherche lors de conférences internationales, notamment le Lang.Net 2006 Symposium chez Microsoft à Redmond.

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Microsoft to ship and support jQuery
ScottGu announced yesterday that Microsoft will ship and support jQuery, a fantastic Javascript library.

Read all about it here:
jQuery Announcement
Bertrand Le Roy

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Acer Aspire One First Impressions
I grabbed an Acer Aspire One this weekend.  The Windows XP model was on sale at FutureShop for $299.

Here are some random first impressions:

  • The form factor is very cool.  Not too small but very light.
  • FutureShop (Canadian reseller) only sells models with bilingual (English or French) keyboards.
  • The Canadian models allow you to select XP in English or French.
  • The whole setup process takes less then an hour (didn't timed it).
  • The color choice I had was between sapphire blue and sapphire blue.
  • Sapphire blue is a fingerprint magnet.
  • The power supply is very tiny.
  • Deinstalled Office Student 2007 trial and Mcafee.
  • Installed Free AVG, Spyware Doctor and Picassa (both from Google Pack).
  • I had an old 5.25" external USB enclosure so I stuffed in there a DVD drive to install Office Ultimate 2007 and Visual Studio Team Suite.
  • Installed SQL Server Express 2008.
  • Some dialog boxes have a height of 600 pixels.
  • Copied some files to the netbook using an external 2.5" USB drive.
  • Wifi works without problems.
  • External VGA can output more then 1024x600 if the netbook screen is disabled.  The driver can go up 2048x1536 however I wouldn't dare go as high.  I tested it with an output of 1280x800.  Nice!
  • If you want to use it as a presentation machine, you must have a podium like setup where you see the output from an external monitor and the projector.
  • XP boots fast.
  • A fresh boot leaves me with 500MB free memory.  Shocking!
  • Visual Studio takes about 8 seconds to start.
I see me using it when:
  • Doing presentations that don't require a virtual machine or not CPU intense.
  • On a plane to watch a movie or work on a document or presentation.
  • As a photo viewer when I go see family and friends.
  • Bringing a laptop with me just in case.
  • Bringing a backup presentation machine.
  • On vacations to dump the daily pictures.
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The Ultimate Steal - Office Ultimate 2007 for $60

If you're a student or know one, do you that students can get a heavily discounted copy of Office Ultimate 2007?  In the US, the price is $59.95 US and in Canada it's $64 CDN.  The offer is available in about a dozen countries around the world. 

Vista Ultimate is also available for $64.95 US / $70 CDN.

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PDC 2008: Ask the Brain

I didn't knew that the PDC brain had a name: Brianna.  You can even ask her some PDC related questions:

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System.Transactions Timeout

When debugging code that creates database transactions using TransactionScope, you may have an odd error when commiting.  That's because the default transaction timeout is 1 minute.  You can increase the timeout value in the TransactionScope constructor or in the config file like this:

  <defaultSettings timeout="00:05:00" />

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TechDays Registration - Now Open!

Looks like Mario was wrong.  Christian Beauclair has the correct date.

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TechDays Registration

Many people asked me when they'll be able to register for TechDays.  I think that in this picture, Mario Cardinal is telling us something  ;-)

Silverlight 2 RC Now Available

Silverlight 2 Release Candidate is now available.  Check all the details, breaking changes and more in this blog post from ScottGu:

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