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Kids and technology

At the MVP Summit, we were shown this cute video of a 5 year old girl talking about Visual Studio 2008:

And yesterday, I saw this Microsoft ad on TV:

<a href="" target="_new" title="Video: Kylie uses Windows Live Photo Gallery">Video: Kylie uses Windows Live Photo Gallery</a>

How cute!

More “Rookies” videos here:

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Silverlight 2 in Action

Silverlight 2 in Action is a great book to get you started with Silverlight development.  At 371 pages, it’s a short book that has enough info to get you going and act as your jumping board into Silverlight.  I like the fact that each chapter is rather small but gets to the point immediately.  I also like the short code snippets and the fact that relevant code is never buried into pages of code filling.  Highly recommended for .NET devs looking for a Silverlight 2 jumpstart.

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Wired – The Netbook Effect

This month’s Wired Magazine has an interesting article on Netbooks and their impact on the major laptop manufacturers, Microsoft and most importantly, on how we use software and the trend toward Cloud based apps.

You can read the article online for free here:

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MVP Summit 2009 Pictures

Here are my pictures from the 2009 MVP Summit:

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MVP Summit 2009 Party Videos

Here are the videos I took at the 2009 MVP Summit attendees party that was held at the Music Experience Project in Seattle. I took them with my tiny Casio digital camera so the picture and sound quality are not that good.  I’d like to credit all the MVPs who are in these videos but I don’t know them all.  If you can help me identifying them, I would appreciate that.

You can get larger standard & Hi-Def views by following this link:

SQL MVPs (Jean-René Roy – Canada, Allen White, Pinal Dave, Michael Coles, Rick Heiges, Steve Jones)

Helio & the Windows Mobile  (?)

Jeffrey Palermo (USA) singing MagaritaVille

D’Arcy Lussier (Canada) with special guest star Karen Young

Jeffrey Palermo (USA) singing YMCA

Mickey Gousset singing Summer of 69

Nick Landry (Canadian living in NY)

? singing “I Love TFS”

MVP from Columbia singing Metallica’s Enter Sandman

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