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  • My speaking engagement at jQuery Bulgaria 2013

    30 November 2013

    I'm writing this blog post after the jQuery Bulgaria event which took place today in Sofia. The event was organized by Infragistics guys, but supported by many known companies. The event had few hundred attendees and was quite nice place to share, network and learn.

    There was a lot of crowd in the event...


    ...mainly developers and IT professionals from Sofia, Bulgaria.

    We were few guys from Macedonia, our crew of eight and few others we meet during the event on my sessions ;).

    The photo was made right after my second session "jQuery Ajax - Tips & Tricks"

    At this event, I had two speeches, delivering two interesting sessions:

    • Building ambitious apps with Ember.js, jQuery, and Web API 2
    • jQuery Ajax - Tips and Tricks

    During both sessions, I had a lot of live coding in Visual Studio by showing off the capabilities of Visual Studio 2013 in writing JavaScript, jQuery and syntax for other JavaScript-based libraries such as Ember.js

    The first session: Building ambitious apps with Ember.js, jQuery, and Web API 2


    The first session started at 1:30PM after the lunch break. I presented a lot of interesting stuff, little bit about jQuery and JavaScript and much more about Ember.js and how it works by writing the entire code in Visual Studio 2013 and taking advantage of the VS2013 intellisense by using the libs references.



    The second session: jQuery Ajax - Tips and Tricks

    This was kind of much more relaxed session, where I had little bit of slides but a lot more talking and showing code snippets in Visual Studio 2013 and its JS and HTML editors. Actually, I took ten scenarios in which I showed important things jQuery Ajax developers should have in mind, take advantage off and improve their skills in using the jQuery Ajax API and it's capabilities.




    The event was excellent. I had chance to meet a lot of new people, Microsoft MVPs and friends... Radi, Mihail, Jason and bunch of other guys from the past events and conferences.

    As the organizers are interested to organize this event next year again, I'm looking forward to come back with some new knowledge and experience to share.

    With Best,

    Last update: Sunday December 1, 2013 7:14pm (CET)


  • Quick tip: How to Make Ninject work with ASP.NET Web API

    Dependency Injection is something which comes along with almost every new project we are building nowadays. I've recently used Web API several times from it's alpha version and now to the latest versions... With each new version, there were some updates to Ninject in order to make it work properly and be easily configurable with Web API mechanism. It's very natural to use Dependency Injection with Web API as it's also based on Controllers same as in any ASP.NET MVC application.


  • Time travel issue – “Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: utcDate”

    Few hours ago my wife told me it is time to get some rest, but since I was deep inside code resolving some interesting control flows, the time passed. I was almost done making the last tests before going to sleep when suddenly an interesting issue comes to scene… I refreshed my beautiful website to see the latest changes and ooopsss… the style is not loading properly… I thought it is something with the browser cache (since I didn’t change anything in the styles)… But it wasn’t that. I checked the same with multiple browsers, still my website was plain and ugly, without any styles…