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  • Patterns & Practices: Composite Services CTP2 is Public

    Finally the last CTP and pre-release version for the Composite Services is out. There were quite a lot of changes since CTP1. We added many new samples and many enhancements to the repository (DB) which is now called Inventory in sync with SOA Patterns. Here is a brief list of the main changes according to the included documentations.  

    Changes and additions in this release

    This CTP release contains reusable source code and samples to illustrate implementation for the following patterns and scenarios:

    • Repair and Resubmit – this pattern is implemented in ESB Toolkit 2.0 as part of Exception Management Framework (EMF). This code drop provides code sample how to implement this pattern for Windows AppFabric workflow service, using Exceptions Web Service and workflow activities to create fault message, which will be created in EMF database. 
    • Analytic Tracing – this code drop contains reusable code and samples for implementing ETW tracing: event collector service and database that store collected events. This capability may be used for scenarios that need flexibility on how collected events are decoded and processed via extensibility points you can configure and implement:  plugins and event decoders with leveraging ETW tracing capabilities provided by the event collector service.  
    • Inventory Centralization – this code drop contains service catalog database, web services and samples to show how to implement Metadata Centralization, Schema Centralization and Policy Centralization patterns. 
    • Service Virtualization – we included sample for implementing this pattern using WCF routing service( which is part of .NET framework) and service metadata centralization capabilities to define routing service metadata in service catalog.
    • Termination Notification – we included sample for implementing this pattern using sample WCF service and policy centralization capabilities provided by this CTP release.

    You will also find many new videos that will be uploaded to the home page any time soon.

    Stay tunned for new posts regarding implemetation details and advanced customizations for custom policy exporters/importers and monitoring.

    UPDATE: Check further details on Dmitri's great blog here: Composite Services CTP2 Released and Applying Inventory Centralization Patterns with Composite Services CTP2