SOA-based Composite Service Guidance CTP1

If you work with services and you are familiar with SOA Patterns you may take a look at the new project from patterns & practices for composing services.

As described on the home page this P&P project provides guidance for building enterprise SOA-based composite service applications. It provides design and implementation patterns for service discovery, composition and integration through written guidance, reference implementations and re-usable source code.

There are many features included tin this package and I will try to post some of them in series of quick notes to show how you can apply some of them in your applications. As part of the upcoming posts, you may find areas like WS-Policy and how to implement your own policies using native WCF API, or some advanced tracing capabilities provided by ETW infrastructure.

You can download the bits, documentation and also some briefing videos that shows an onverview of the main features here. I would suggest to see the videos if you what to take a quick glimse and then grab the bits and give it a shot.

Stay tunned for more details on this.

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