What is Microsoft Jasper and Jasper ASP.Net all about?

I have heard a lot about Microsoft Jasper and Jasper.Net so i decided to take a look about what it is all about.

Jasper is a way of moving towards one of the ADO.Net team’s vision, and it’s to improve the RAD (Rapid Application Development). It is also created based on feedback from developers that think it’s too complex to build database driven application to day and Microsoft have not improved that so much lately. Jasper will dynamically generate an entity model out from a connection string that points to your relational-database. There is no need to write any code, or do any configuration etc. It handles everything dynamically. Jasper will be on top of ADO.Net Entity Framework, so Jasper will work against ADO.Net Entity Framework.

read a full article with samples here http://fredrik.nsquared2.com/viewpost.aspx?postid=426

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