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Just sharing a nice little script to query all the computers in an OU and change the local Administrator password for each one. One thing to note, if your computers happen to be in the default Computers container, you need to change the LDAP query from "OU=Finance" to "CN=Computers" (CN indicates container).


If you are pointing your W3SVC log files to a location that is incorrect or goes offline, especially if it is a remote UNC share like \\server\logs – your requests on IIS 6 could be slower. The reason is that HTTP.sys wants to write an entry for each request and there is a delay when it tries to write to an invalid location. This would be even slower if it is an invalid UNC share, since the timeout waiting for a response would be longer.


Make sure that your log file directory is valid and that your permissions are valid, allowing the machine account write access to the location. The good news is that this shouldn’t be a problem for IIS 7.

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An update from Robert about FPSE:

"Because Microsoft realizes that the FrontPage Server Extensions are essential to many web hosting companies, the Internet Information Services product team is researching the development of an updated version of FPSE 2002 that will work with Microsoft Windows codenamed "Longhorn" and Microsoft Windows Vista."


When running on x64 hardware, you have two options. First, to run in native 64-bit mode. This means all the applications running need to be 64-bit. The second is to run worker processes in 32-bit mode, which means all applications need to be 32-bit. This gives you good compatibility and performance is really good too.

Here's how to install the 32-bit or 64-bit versions of ASP.NET, as well as the option you need to run for IIS to get them working. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/894435

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The new SharePoint templates have arrived. To provide a complete solution, especially for small businesses, SharePoint v3 offers these pre-packaged templates. Each one solves a business problem and offers not only a fully functioning site out of the box, but also allows for customization so you can differentiate what you offer.

If you don't have SharePoint in your environment yet, maybe it's time! To get the technical deployment details, read the whitepaper we just blogged about at http://office.microsoft.com/search/redir.aspx?AssetID=AM102157711033.

Download the templates and learn more about them: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/windowsserver/sharepoint/wssapps/templates/default.mspx.

To see the templates in action:

Visit http://sharepoint.microsoft.com/sharepoint/templates/default.aspx and browse the links on the left-hand pane. The Business Performance Reporting template shows you a business who is collecting customer satisfaction data and sharing this information with his colleagues.

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