Convert ASPX to Contentpage

This weekend i had a little bit of time and a idea in mind.

I always miss the feature to convert a existing page to use a masterpage. So i have done my first:

  1. vs2005 Winforms
  2. VS Addin
  3. setup package

You can download it, us it for free without any warranty and give me feedback. If you are realy intressted i can give you the source for making a review and polish up. After that i will post the source code also.

At the moment you can download the addin msi package

The Addin is installed at tools menu first position


  • VS 2005 just crashes every time i run it. Mmmmn. Wouldn't mind knowing how you do it manually....

  • Tried it on a couple of pages. It does seem to work however it seems you must have the page to be converted showing "Source" rather than "Design".

    Also, you may have to manually change the ContentPlaceHolderID tag.

    Otherwise, great. Thanks!

  • I'm interested in improving this add-on least removing the HEAD and BODY tags.
    Please contact me by email mwherman2000 hotmail

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