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  • Adhoc testing of .NET RIA Services

    Suddenly my Silverlight 3 application breaks during development process. Cause I have installed Visual Studio 2010 a few hours before, I was sure: must be something with 2010. After uninstall and reinstall SP1 everything worked fine, except .NET RIA services :-(

  • Silverlight 3 Visual Studio 2008 Designer Preview

    Documentation says that Design Preview in Silverlight 3 Tools for Visual Studio 2008 is away. The preview with Silverlight 2 was only read only and sucks. OK is bad but no preview is even worse. When you right click a XAML file there is still context menu “view Designer”.

  • Silverlight 3 Beta to RTW changes

    It is very important that your applications are ready for Silverlight 3. If you have developed with the Beta bits you have to do a lot of changes to get ready for RTW. There exists a document changes.docx which I can not find at the moment. For that reason I decided to make a copy public on my private server.

  • Silverlight 2.0 Compression Rate

    After a short discussion in silverlight forums with a guy who have only 19kb line, I checked out compression for XAP files. A XAP is a zipped package of DLL’s and resources. With winrar installed you can open by context menu from Visual Studio Explorer the xap (clientbin). It contains files like

  • B# and Silverlight Isolated Storage

    I am a VB developer. As most of expert coder are using C# I must step forward. B# is the language which can be written by VB guys and make it readable for C# gurus. Today's topic is the data store of Silverlight on client side- isolated storage.

  • Input Validation with Silverlight

    I miss ASP.NET. With the 2.0 Microsoft had the world best technology for creating applications of all kind. Small or large, ASP.NET 2.0 have features for all. Now several years later we have Silverlight 2 (no 2.0) and should be good as ASP.NET 2.0!? I don't think so- Silverlight have some great advantages but even more missing features. And some of them essential and important.

  • Silverlight Multiselect Listbox

    The Listbox control of Silverlight 2 have no multi selection. Datagrid have! I want to show how to build a Listbox with Checkboxes and iterate at the end through all items an see if they are checked. Seams to be easy!?