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  • Started My Personal Development Blog

    My passion for the past several years has been personal development. I have started to believe that in order to become a great software developer, you must become a great person first. That is my primary motivation to create a different kind of playground that will let me explore (and write about) stuff that may come a bit weird at first. So, here it goes:

  • More WebForms roadblocks and a glimpse of hope

    My previous post has gotten a lot of great feedback. Thanks everybody! I got some more important roadblocks that are worth noting. I am starting to think that having outlined the traditionally hard parts in ASP.NET development and later focusing on techniques for mastering them might turn helpful to many people. OK then, here we go.

  • ASP.NET WebForms: A Shortcut or a Roadblock?

    Mike Yeaney's comment got me thinking here. He mentions that he and his team have ripped the entire WebForms part of ASP.NET (Pages, Controls, etc), and they are coding against custom HTTP handlers that allow them to serve their HTML, JS, CSS, etc. This is both a good and a bad thing. The good part is that you get tremendous freedom of what you can do with your web application. The best part is that your imagination and skill are the only limit. You can devise all sorts of clever ways to craft rich UI, optimize your page sizes, streamline the navigation, coax search engines into crawling your site better and faster. You have total control over your web application! The worst part, on the other hand, is that your imagination and skill are the limit. You are throwing away a good many features that have been tried and tested in many scenarios. You lose a feature-rich way to componentize your UI that allows you to easily reuse UI blocks all over your application. You have to train any new team members, so that they know how your solution works, because, chances are, they have experience with the WebForms model only.

  • Introducing Hristo Deshev

    Hallo everyone! I am extremely pleased to be starting this blog (Joe, thanks for bringing me on board) and I would like to start with a short introduction.