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VS Integration for EntLib Configuration Console

When PAG released Enterprise Library they introduced us to the wonderful Configuration Console that did put the end of our prior miserable life of editing thous long configuration xml files. There is only one thing that someone forgot there and this is to have the configuration console integrated inside Visual Studio so that you will not have to get out of the environment every time you want to change the EntLib configuration.

Well it is missing from the EntLib MSI but I was very happy to see that the guys from Avanade filled that missing part !

Check out the Adavade Integration Pack fro Microsoft Enterprise Library ! (1.08 MB)

The integration pack provides the functionality of the Microsoft Enterprise Library Configuration Console as an editor for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.  Once installed, Visual Studio will open .config files in an editor tree view, display node properties in the Properties window, display configuration and validation errors in the Error List window, and so on.  The behaviours of the tree view and context menus have changed from Configuration Console to make more sense in a tabbed interface, but all Configuration Console functionality is still available !

For more information regrding the integration pack such us when will the source be release to the public or for Integration Pack Q&A check Colinco Blog

( Click on the picture for a larger view )

The Subservient Programmer

You’ve all probably seen the Subservient Chicken

Have you ever wanted to have your own programmer to control and tell him exactly what you want him to do ?

Well… for all of you Control Freaks out there… check the Subservient Programmer :-)

Commands to try:

wave, sleep,  leave,  poster, stand on desk, jump, juggle, java, chair, drink, stapler, lights, phone, paper, draw, website, game, linux, monitor, hack, reboot, cd, mad, clean, unplug, ebay, quit, laugh, finger, 2 fingers … 10 fingers, fight, exercise, walk, cry, smell, relax, handstand, meditate, dizzy, karate, god, scream, music, monkey, kill boss, flex, trip, bite your nails, puke, cold, smoke, shake head, ballet, talkin to me, upset, hit yourself, slap yourself, bathroom, bow, music, running man, dance, kiss, perl, eat apple, bang head, clippy, march, this sucks, paperclip, help, headphones, asl, game, refrigerator, eat, strip, chicken, throw apple, meeting, memo, email, web cam, VB.NET, C#, C++, J#, unit test, debug, file bug, design, refactor, search, vista, community, enterprise, strong bad,  smartphone, drop acid, dessert, solitaire, msn, esc, ctrl+alt+delete, look, notepad, paris hilton, donald trump, matrix, drink, iso 9000, star trek, transporter malfunction, beam up, one to beam up, oj simpson, michael jackson, windows bob, regular expression, VB6, interdev, tech ed, christopher flores, paul flessner, brian goldfarb, steve ballmer, soma somaseger, eric rudder, brian keller, andrew lees, bill gates, marie huwe, monopoly, ipod, energy, playboy, golf, baby, umbrella, viral, stare, kill, garbage, ping pong, build, baseball, destroy, poplock, dan fernandez, monster, pee, stretch, kill boss, beat self, yell, type, manager, manager yell, compliance, microsoft.

If you would like to create your own Subservient check here for more details.

If you just want to download the souce code for it … choose :  VB Source Code / C# Source Code

[Thanks Chad for the link !]

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