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  • Entity Framework - Some of our Experience and Code

    Kim has a new post that summarizes some of our experience using the Entity Framework in a real client project.

    He also includes some code and concepts for a repository interface that we used to make it more managable and extendable.

     Read the post for all of the details, but our bottom line is

    "To summarize, I am basically a happy camper with the Entity Framework. It has a some rough edges, but nothing we haven’t been able to work around."



  • ADO.NET Entity Framework Essential Resources

    In order to make it easier for developers to familiarize themselves with the Entity Framework, we have put together a list of some of the available resources that we found to be most useful in getting up to speed with the new tools and technologies. You can download it from our web site at


  • Great Tool for Learning LINQ to Entities

    As part of my research and preparations for my presentation on the new Entity Framework at the VSLive New York conference, I came across a great tool (thanks to Kim) for learning and playing with LINQ to Entities queries.  The application (C# source code) can be downloaded from

     As you can see from the screen shot on the download page, this app organizes it large set of sample queries into differnent categories and often offers both the standard LINQ and the method form of the queries.  In addition to the queries, you can see the results of their execution against different versions of SQL Server and SQL CE.

     A great learning tool...


  • Getting Ready for VSlive! New York

    In two weeks is the VSLive! Conference in New York City, where I'll be giving two presentations.  This promises to be another great conference, and especially fun for me to be back in my home town.  You can still sign up to attend - see the details at
    If you make it over, please let me know so we can get together.

    Here the abstracts for my sessions:

    The ADO.NET Entity Framework and Entity Data Model
    Monday, September 8, 11:15 a.m.
    Come learn about Microsoft's newly released Object Relational Mapping (ORM) offering - the ADO.NET Entity Framework and the Entity Data Model. See how they simplify and raise the level of abstraction available for data programming. The Entity Framework is an evolution of ADO.NET that you already know and love and is built upon the standard ADO.NET Provider model which allows access to third party databases. Designers for Visual Studio are also available to make your development even more productive.

    Using SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition
    Tuesday, September 9, 1:45 p.m.
    SQL Server Compact Edition is no longer limited to mobile devices ­ you can use it to develop desktop applications as well ! This session will introduce you to SQL Server Compact Edition and show you how you can build today both standalone and occasionally connected applications with this lightweight database engine. We will discuss the various options and tradeoffs for deploying, developing, and synchronizing with a central database server. We will also show how SQL Server Compact Edition is a cornerstone of Synchronization Services for ADO.NET and will demo the tools in Visual Studio 2008 for configuring this synchronization between SQL Server and SQL Server Compact Edition.




  • Observations from VSLive! San Francisco 2008

    I recently (OK, 10 days ago) returned from my annual pilgrimage to San Francisco, to speak at the main VSLive conference.  My presentations this year are described here.

    I'd like to share with you two observations / surprises from this conference:

    (1) It is well known that I am a pretty big fan of DataSets - but I realize that it is not necessarily the most popular position to take.  At VSLive, I gave 2 sessions on DataSets (Intermediate and Advanced).  Image my surprise (if not shock and horror) when I realized that there were at least 2 or 3 other sessions covering much of the same content on DataSets.  Could DataSets be making a comeback...?

    (2) In one of my DataSet sessions, I asked the audience how many of them were developing with VB vs. C#.  While one would expect a high percentage of VB developers in a data-centric session, I was still surprised that the audience was easily at least 80% VB developers.  Could VB be making a comeback...?



  • VSLive San Francisco in Less Than 3 weeks

    Yes, it is that time of year again (and I say that most happily!) to go out to San Francisco to speak at the VSLive Conference.  This year I am focussing on real-world use of DataSets, both with VS 2005 and VS 2008.  But don't attend just for that - there are many other great sessions and speakers that you will really enjoy and learn from.

    In order to make it easier (i.e cheaper) for you to attend, you can receive a $695 discount on the Gold Passport if you register using priority code SPGOL. More at - be sure to ping me if you are going to be there!

    Here are the descriptions for the sessions I am doing:

    Using and Extending the Typed DataSet and TableAdapter
    Are you using the VS 2005 DataSet designer to design your data access code usign Typed DataSets and Table Adapters? You should be - because doing so allows you to build better data access code much faster. This session will be mainly demos that cover both the basic uses of these tools and objects, as well as techniques to extend the standard classes to meet your own specific needs. We will also take a look at some of the improvements in Visual Studio 2008.

    VS Tools and Techniques for Distributed Data Access in VS 2008

    This session will discuss several challenges facing developers developing distributed data access applications. These issues include hierarchical updates, use of VS tools/wizards to generate truly N-tier applications, and separation of data entity and data access objects. We will demonstrate what tools and techniques can be used and take a look at what new solutions are offered in Visual Studio 2008.




  • Off to TechEd EMEA in Barcelona

    I'm completing final preparations for my trip to Barcelona next week for the annual Microsoft TechEd (EMEA) event.  I'll be there from Sunday through Thursday and am giving the following presentation

    Mashups and Windows Live - Not Just for Browsers (WIN203)
    6 November 2007 Start: 15:15 Finish: 16:30

    Although there is a lot of "Internet" in a "Mashup" application, that does not mean that it must be a browser-based application! Find out what a mashup really is and how to use some of the common tools, techniques, and resources to built a rich client mashup application.  These applications will use services and data from Windows Live as well as other sources and show you how easy it is to build smart client (as well as browser) mashups that combine heterogeneous data and services.

     If you are at the conference let me know - or just stop by and to say hi!



  • Check out The Region

    Although it has been around since this past TechEd US, The Region has now moved to ists permanent home at

    The Region is basically the public global center for the 140 Microsoft Regional Directors around the world.  It is a single view into the blogs of all of these technical and community leaders, along with a calendar of upcoming events.

    Check it out and post your thoughts and comments here.