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  • Heading Off to VSLive Dallas

    Next week I'll be in Dallas to speak at the VSLive conference there.   Below are the 3 sessions I'll be presenting there - you can get all of the conference details at VSLive Dallas.

    VS Tools and Techniques for Distributed Data Access in VS 2008
    This session will discuss several challenges facing developers developing distributed data access applications. These issues include hierarchical updates, use of VS tools to generate truly N-tier applications, separation of data entity and data access objects, and local data caching with Synchronization Services for ADO.NET. We will demonstrate the tools and techniques provided in Visual Studio 2008 and discuss the benefits that they bring

    Building Applications with Windows Live SDK
    The Windows Live SDK exposes tremendous amounts of functionality that can be incorporated into your browser or smart client applications. Come and learn what Windows Live is about, what services are available and how to build Mashups using these controls and APIs. We'll take a look at developing both browser and rich-client applications using components such as Virtual Earth, Contacts, Windows Live ID, Live Search, and others. We'll also look at readily available solutions and resources to help you get started even faster!

    Sync Services for ADO.NET - Optimizing Online, Enabling Offline
    With Microsoft Sync Services for ADO.NET and SQL Server Compact, developers can now easily cache data on the client in a compact, yet capable, inprocess database engine. Sync Services enables developers to easily cache, manage, and synchronize the data directly or over services using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). Visual Studio 2008 delivers new developeroriented sync designers to easily increase user productivity, decrease the server workload, and simplify data access. In addition to caching, you can use Sync Services for ADO.NET to enable full offline ("Occasionally Connected") scenarios as well, with greater developer flexibility than that offered by Merge Replication or RDA.




  • ADO.NET Entity Framework Essential Resources

    In order to make it easier for developers to familiarize themselves with the Entity Framework, we have put together a list of some of the available resources that we found to be most useful in getting up to speed with the new tools and technologies. You can download it from our web site at


  • Great Tool for Learning LINQ to Entities

    As part of my research and preparations for my presentation on the new Entity Framework at the VSLive New York conference, I came across a great tool (thanks to Kim) for learning and playing with LINQ to Entities queries.  The application (C# source code) can be downloaded from

     As you can see from the screen shot on the download page, this app organizes it large set of sample queries into differnent categories and often offers both the standard LINQ and the method form of the queries.  In addition to the queries, you can see the results of their execution against different versions of SQL Server and SQL CE.

     A great learning tool...


  • Getting Ready for VSlive! New York

    In two weeks is the VSLive! Conference in New York City, where I'll be giving two presentations.  This promises to be another great conference, and especially fun for me to be back in my home town.  You can still sign up to attend - see the details at
    If you make it over, please let me know so we can get together.

    Here the abstracts for my sessions:

    The ADO.NET Entity Framework and Entity Data Model
    Monday, September 8, 11:15 a.m.
    Come learn about Microsoft's newly released Object Relational Mapping (ORM) offering - the ADO.NET Entity Framework and the Entity Data Model. See how they simplify and raise the level of abstraction available for data programming. The Entity Framework is an evolution of ADO.NET that you already know and love and is built upon the standard ADO.NET Provider model which allows access to third party databases. Designers for Visual Studio are also available to make your development even more productive.

    Using SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition
    Tuesday, September 9, 1:45 p.m.
    SQL Server Compact Edition is no longer limited to mobile devices ­ you can use it to develop desktop applications as well ! This session will introduce you to SQL Server Compact Edition and show you how you can build today both standalone and occasionally connected applications with this lightweight database engine. We will discuss the various options and tradeoffs for deploying, developing, and synchronizing with a central database server. We will also show how SQL Server Compact Edition is a cornerstone of Synchronization Services for ADO.NET and will demo the tools in Visual Studio 2008 for configuring this synchronization between SQL Server and SQL Server Compact Edition.




  • July 2008 Meeting of Israel Visual Basic User Group

    SQL Server 2008 is almost here – the first release candidate was just released – do you know what it offers for application developers?Dubi Lebel, from Microsoft Israel, will fill us in on the more important benefits for developers, in this 2-session presentation.   We will start with an overview of what is new in Manageability, Availability, Security and  Performance and thendrill down into specific new Database Features  Introduced in SQL Server 2008 such as:

    • Spatial Data support
    • Filestream storage
    • New Data Types
    • Direct Hierarchy support
    • Sparse Column support
    • Combined with filtered indexes, filtered statistics
    • Change Tracking
    • LINQ and Entity Framework
    As always, we'll have our special "Hatzilu" session at our meeting. So please come prepared to discuss your most frustrating problems (or at least some of them!) and to share some of your own techniques and solutions that you have found useful in your applications.

    Please confirm your attendance.

    See you there !!

    The July meeting of the Israel Visual Basic User Group

    July 2, 2008

    : Microsoft Israel2 Hapnina St,
    (09) 7625-100Floor 0 , Dekel Room It is the building across from Amdocs.Turn right at the first traffic circle and then there is an area for (free) parking on the left. 17:30 - 18:00   Assembly
    18:00 - 19:15  “SQL 2008 - What in it for me as developer – Part 1” 
                           Dubi Lebel, Microsoft Israel

    19:15 - 19:30   Break
    19:30 – 20:30  “SQL 2008 - What in it for me as developer – Part 2” 
    Dubi Lebel, Microsoft Israel

    About the Speaker:
    Dubi Lebel is a Technical Specialist and the Data platform Technologies Manager for Microsoft Israel.

    Please be sure to email me to confirm your participation or for more information.