.NET Rocks Interview Available for Download

The recording of my appearance on .NET Rocks! is now available for download.

I really had a fun time, talking about the early days of VB, the future of VB, and some other stuff in between. All this, during what was for me 1:30 to 3:00 AM !  We all had a good time, but didn't get to cover even half of the topics that we wanted to, so I have been invited back to do another show in the near future. Stay tuned!

In the mean time, listen to the show and let me know if you have any thoughts, comments, or questions.



Published Monday, May 30, 2005 3:31 PM by Jackie Goldstein


Monday, May 30, 2005 10:47 AM by Kyle

# re: .NET Rocks Interview Available for Download

Great show. Looking forward to part 2.
Wednesday, June 1, 2005 8:05 AM by B Hanna

# re: .NET Rocks Interview Available for Download

I agree and I'm not a VB developer. That show was great, it's good to hear somebody catch the coding bug and just run with it. Can't wait to hear the second show.