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  • Visual Studio Hot Fixes now available for easy download

    If you've ever been frustrated by the process of trying to get access to an available MS hot fix (especially after being frustrated by those bugs/crashes/hangs in VS), join the club.  But before you spend too much time lamenting, note that MS has heard our cry and made many/most of the existing critical hotfixes available for simple downloading here.


  • Israel Visual Basic User Group (IVBUG) Celebrates 9th Birthday

    At this month's monthly meeting on November 1, IVBUG, the Israel Visual Basic User Group, celebrated its 9th birthday !  It is hard to believe that it has been 9 years since I founded this group, the first Microsoft User Group in Israel.  Many of the faces have changed over the years, but we do still have a few member (besides me !) who were at those first meetings.


  • ClickOnce Community Resource Kit

    A nice new source of practical and advanced information on building Click Once deployments has been developed by Brian Noyes for the MS Patterns and Practices team.   Here is the description blurb:

    Deploying client applications with ClickOnce requires a lot of procedural steps to accomplish and there are many variations in the way development organizations want to manage their deployments. This ClickOnce Community Resource Kit contains over 70 pages of written guidance and How-To topics that will lead you through common scenarios. Accompanying the written guidance is a Manifest Manager Utility sample that will make it easier to accomplish those steps through a custom tool. This tool also provides sample code for how to program against the ClickOnce manifest APIs to create other custom tools for manipulating manifests beyond what Visual Studio and the SDK tools support. There is also guidance and a sample implementation for putting a custom server repository source for your ClickOnce application files using SQL Server. This material, written by IDesign architect Brian Noyes, author of Smart Client Deployment with ClickOnce (, will help get you up and running with ClickOnce deployment quickly. You can contact Brian at

    Download the ClickOnce Resource Kit from here.