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  • Bill Gates and Microsoft - Historical Moments

    The big news in the software industry this past month has been the departure of Bill Gates from involvement in day to day activity at Microsoft.  The following two videos, while not necessarily humorous, should still bring a smile to your face.  They may serve as an inspiration as well. 

    Looking Back, Moving Ahead - This 15-minute video is a very human look at the history of Bill Gates and Microsoft. 

    Worth a Thousand Words - We’ve all seen the famous picture of the original eleven goofy-looking members of Microsoft, including Bill Gates, Steve Balmer, and Paul Allen.  This 1-minute video tells the story behind that photograph.  

    You can see the original picture, along with an updated (30 years later) version of the team photo here




  • Cool Elections Video Search Gadget - From Google

    In my previous post, I referred to a post by my friend David Sarna, the GoogleGazer.  If you are at all interested in staying abreast of what Google is up (and who isn't ?!) you need to subscribe to this blog.

    In his latest post, Google Shows How Life Imitates Art With Compelling Demonstration of Natural Speech Recognition Technology, you introduces us to a cool gadget available from Google - the Elections Video Search:

    Find out what the candidates said. Search through hundreds of YouTube political videos for what was spoken and watch the snippet where your query term was mentioned, using state-of-the-art Google speech-to-text technology.

    Go here to check it out and add it to your web page.


  • Principle or Price ?

    In an long post entitled Get Out the Tums: Life Beyond the Desktop Browser Gives Agita to Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo the GoogleGazer offers an interesting analysis of the changes currently underway in the computer industry.  While the blog post in a good read in its own right, I want to quote here his closing paragraph after his suggestion that Yahoo is willing to do anything just to stay alive.  It is an story and a thought that will bring a smile to your face - and offer an interesting insight to interactions in all aspects fo your life.

    Yahoo reminds me of the famous story told of George Bernard Shaw’s encounter with a famous actress. Shaw told the actress that everyone would agree to do anything for money, if the price were high enough.

    `Surely not, she said.’
    `Oh yes,’ he said.
    `Well, I wouldn’t,’ she said.
    `Oh yes you would,’ he retorted.
    `For instance,’ he said, `would you sleep with me for… for a million pounds?’
    `Well,’ she said, `maybe for a million ponds, I would, yes.’
    `Would you do it for ten shillings?’ Shaw then asked her.
    `Certainly not!’ replied the woman `What do you take me for? A prostitute?’
    `We’ve already established that,’ replied Shaw. `We’re just trying now to fix your price!

    Yahoo, at this point has agreed to sell itself. It’s merely haggling over the price.