08 November 2006
Blogmailr on Digg!
Wow, we made it on Digg. Check it out: http://digg.com/tech_news/Free_Blog_by_email_Service_to_Simplify_Blog_Publishing If you have a few seconds, run out and give us a Digg! Published with BlogMailr Read More...
23 December 2005
WTH IE Team?
So, I normally post over at my personal site (http://JasonA.net), but I'll be honest - it doesn't get the exposure that this site does. ;) And, that's okay... but I wanted to make sure someone (*cough*the IE team*cough*) saw this. My question is: What the heck happened with the latest Windows updates... Read More...
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24 September 2004
My blog is moving to http://JasonA.net!
As I hinted to in my last post, I'm moving my blog off of weblogs.asp.net to my own domain: http://JasonA.net Please update your readers to: http://jasona.net/blog/rss.aspx Thanks! -Jason Read More...
22 September 2004
More on the Telligent Positions at http://JasonA.net
Heads up, I've explained a bit more about Telligent's positions and requirements from Rob's original post: http://weblogs.asp.net/RHoward/archive/2004/09/21/232682.aspx over at my new blog, http://JasonA.net . If you're interested, check it out: http://jasona.net/blog/archive/2004/09/22/22.aspx Read More...
20 August 2004
Setting up nGallery on Mono
I met Joseph at our last PDNUG meeting. Great guy! One of the few out there that shares my love, and respect, for the Mono project. I recently came across a post of his explaining how to setup nGallery to run on Mono. If you're interested, check it out: http://www.monotropa.net/MonoTropa/nGalleryHowTo... Read More...
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10 August 2004
Mistake identities
Too funny, Rob posted about how he's constantly getting mistaken for “Ron Howard” of current directing fame, former Happy Days fame, and so on. And, then he just has to go there... ;) Yes, I constantly get the, “Hey, 'Jason Alexander' isn't that that guy...” “...from Seinfeld... Read More...
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22 July 2004
Database Schema to Wiki Trick
Ok, this is a really slick trick for generating wiki mark-up for the database schema in SQL Server. One of my buddies, Terry Denham from the Community Server :: Forums team (previously the ASP.NET Forums) and co-worker here at Telligent , came up with this nice little script: select '!!!Database Schema... Read More...
22 July 2004
The New ASP.NET Site & a 2.0 Tip
One of our great first projects here at Telligent Systems has been to take up the ASP.NET website and: Update it to run on ASP.NET 2.0 B1 Give it a bit of a facelift. There's many little things we've learned along the way in this project (and I hope to capture more of these later), but one of the most... Read More...
16 July 2004
More great news!
As Scott announced yesterday , yesterday was his first day with us here at Telligent Systems ! We're super excited to have him on board! We're quickly staffing up with all-stars, and really building a sound foundation. We have nothing but great things going here! And, to follow that up, you see that... Read More...
09 July 2004
Has Moore's Law made us lazy developers?
So, my shower thought this morning: Has Moore's Law made us lazy developers? Jumping back a sec to explain a bit, I was reading Plip's blog about how your windows look and the side bar application caught my eye. Being one that's always interested in more eye candy and nifty toys, I ran out and installed... Read More...
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