New Project: "Paperboy"

So, I've got like 50+ people subscribed to my nGallery newsletter. But, I don't really have a great mechanism to actually communicate with these subscribers. So, I started doing some research...

I found one service called “Constant Contact” by

It's really pretty interesting. You create groups of e-mail addresses, and then create “campaigns”, specificing which groups to contact, through what dates, what e-mail template to use, what content to send, and then you schedule a time for it to be delivered.

I'm aiming to do something very similar (calling it “Paperboy“ at the moment), but include the ability to add/remove easily, for easy integration into other sites and easy opt-out from a link within the newsletter.

Would this be a product you guys would be interested in?

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# Darth APO (aka M@) said:


Like the Frog from Sugar Smacks, I'd have to say: "Dig 'um!"

Friday, November 21, 2003 10:26 PM