Not all customer service is bad...

I've seen many blog posts by people where they completely flame the customer support provided by a company like Dell, HP, Sony, Best Buy, etc. Well, I had a very good customer service experience today so I though, to be fair, I should share the other side of the story.

One of my LCD's at home (a 21" Samsung SyncMaster) started displaying some very thin (1 to 2 pixels wide) lines (about 7 or 8 of them) that ran vertically across my screen (from the very bottom to the very top). I paid pretty good money for this LCD so I wasn't about to just let this problem remain. So I called up Samsung's customer support and after providing a little personal information the Samsung rep gave me some troubleshooting steps to take in order to ensure it wasn't the DVI cable or the video card which, it wasn't. After that, things couldn't have been easier.

Since my  LCD was still under warranty (3 years, parts & labor) Samsung is going to send me a replacement LCD, and they're paying for the shipping on the defective one I'll be sending back to them. 7 to 14 business days and I'll be back on a brand new LCD. Thanks Samsung!


  • Good stuff.

    It's an indication of the general level of support from big companies dealing in electronic equipment, that we seem almost amazed when this kinda thing happens.

  • My LCD monitor is having the same problem too!!

    Just from personal experience, a list of good n bad vendors for customer service:

    Fujitsu - Very good. Very friendly and approachable. I am a geek and so they speak with me in geek terms (all the hardware stuff, etc..haha)

    O2 - good. I send in my xphone2 and they promise to help me upgrade firmware and its not done. Xphone2 hang for countless times after the repair. I wonder wat they have done.

    Creative - Not bad. =)

    Samsung - Not sure. But my mp3 player just spoilt in less than 4 months. Gg to the support center tomoro. ha.

  • Personally, I, in general, have good customer service experiences, with the exception of Dell. And as far as Dell is concerned, its not the customer service I have a problem with. Its their policies regarding warranties and replacements of parts and/or products.

  • Bih' when you gonna make nother' post. Bawss would be mighty proud of you if you were to do so.

  • If I read Samsung's LCD warranty correctly, the replacement monitor will be a refurbished unit, not a new one. This seems standard policy with most companies.

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