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  • Leave the French Alone...

    I am not French in any way, but lately I've been disgusted with the number of ignorant, derrogatory statements made about them by many Americans.  First of all, most of the people making fun of the French have never (and likely will never) experience battle or anything like it.  They'll never know what it's like to have enemy soldiers, tanks, and other war machinery threatening their borders or trampling through their home towns.  They're comfortable to sit back and rest in the laurels of the brave men and women in our military who serve and have served our country, never having offered a minute of their own time in such service.  What's worse is that many of the jokes liken back to one of the most horrible, brutal times in history, the Second World War. 

  • Foray into Windows .NET Server 2003

    Earlier this week I decided to take the plunge with Windows .NET Server 2003 RC2.  I loaded it onto my Compaq Presario notebook.  For the most part, all went well except for three things: it did not recognize my sound card, so I had to get the W2K drivers from Compaq for it, Diskeeper 7 Workstation won't run on it, and I'm having trouble setting up web projects in VS.NET.