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  • Leave the French Alone...

    I am not French in any way, but lately I've been disgusted with the number of ignorant, derrogatory statements made about them by many Americans.  First of all, most of the people making fun of the French have never (and likely will never) experience battle or anything like it.  They'll never know what it's like to have enemy soldiers, tanks, and other war machinery threatening their borders or trampling through their home towns.  They're comfortable to sit back and rest in the laurels of the brave men and women in our military who serve and have served our country, never having offered a minute of their own time in such service.  What's worse is that many of the jokes liken back to one of the most horrible, brutal times in history, the Second World War. 

    But besides this, all of this flaming France is really just a juvenile way to try to divert people from the fact that we really do not have a good enough argument to convince the French and others to come to our government's point of view.  Ad hominem attacks are an age-old fallacy and a significant indicator of insecurity in one's own position. 

    I for one, a born and bred American, am not at all convinced that war is necessary for success in resolving the difficulties involving Iraq, and these pathetic indulgencies that many Americans are taking have only served to reinforce that our Administration's position on Iraq is questionable at best.  If we do go to war, I will support our soldiers who, whether or not they agree with their chief, are risking life and limb for what is believed by many to be a just cause; however, regardless of whether we go to war or not or of the outcome of such a war, this childish ridicule of our allies should stop here and now.


  • Foray into Windows .NET Server 2003

    Earlier this week I decided to take the plunge with Windows .NET Server 2003 RC2.  I loaded it onto my Compaq Presario notebook.  For the most part, all went well except for three things: it did not recognize my sound card, so I had to get the W2K drivers from Compaq for it, Diskeeper 7 Workstation won't run on it, and I'm having trouble setting up web projects in VS.NET. 

    Other than that, I'm liking the new features of IIS 6 and, though it may be just my imagination, it does seem to run faster than XP Pro on that box.  I'm a bit wary of trying to use the Style XP uxtheme.dll patch to enable non-standard themes as I did with XP Pro.  Currently I'm just running Windows Classic theme, which may account somewhat for the perceived performance increase.  Another really nifty feature is the Manage Server program; it looks to be quite powerful and yet very easy to use and understand.

    In any event, this is only the second day since I've installed, so we'll see how it turns out.  Unless you're just goofy like me and have a hankering to try out the latest OS from MS, I'd probably recommend sticking with XP for the time being as a workstation OS (duh!).  But if you do like playing around with server features and the latest tech, you might want to give it a try.

    Update 03/13/2003 22:31 CST:  I found a resolution to the VS.NET setup.  You need to add a MIME type to the web for temp files (.tmp).  Apparently, VS.NET tries to write/read a .tmp file and won't let you create or load web projects if it cannot do that.  See Creating ASP.NET VS.NET Projects in Windows Server 2003 RC2 for more info.