New "kids" on the block

I'd like to introduce to you two rather young people who started a .NET related blog lately. The first one is Tom van de Kerkhof, he's not only a new co-worker of me, but he's also my nephew (so if you're looking for a couple of compromising photos of him, just drop me a line). The last few months Tom's focus was Office integration, he gave a nice presentation about Visual Studio Tools for Office at our company headquarters. I think Tom is also starting his own Pizza restaurant: this afternoon I've seen the first demo of the website using the Speech Application SDK! I hope he's going to blog about his experiences with this stuff.

The second one I only met today: David Cumps. He's a student in his second year, check out his blog for his complete story. I'm looking forward to see some intresting posts!

They will both attend the Developer & IT Pro Days 2004 and since they are both quite young I'm expecting a lot of these guys during the Geek Fest! :-) Let's party...

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