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  • Intellisense For AppSettings/ConnectionStrings

    One of the most time consuming things to do when starting a new web project is setting up the sites directory structure, until recently. I finally took the time to create myself a few generic templates for Visual Studio enviroment.  This has made my ramp up time on starting a new project close to nil. I have my folder stucture all set.  I created a few Classes that I typically create in all my projects, add a small library of default images and now just recently dialed the application in with jQuery wired up. Check out Sara Ford's article on making project templates in VS 2005 (Works the same in VS 2008).

  • Getting jQuery to work with MasterPages

    Maybe someone from the ASP.Net community can enlighten me, I have always had the hardest time getting the script, css, etc working/rendering correctly when used on the masterpage. On the masterpage I always have to use an absolute path on the script or link tag or generate the script/link tag from the code behind on the masterpage in order for it to render/execute properly. Is there a better method. I recently ran accross this using jQuery trying to get the intellisense to work on the pages inheriting the master page.This is what I came up with. Seems like a hack. Any suggestions?