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Intellisense For AppSettings/ConnectionStrings by rojay12

One of the most time consuming things to do when starting a new web project is setting up the sites directory structure, until recently. I finally took the time to create myself a few generic templates for Visual Studio enviroment. This has made my ramp...

Getting all those Infopath forms relinked in SharePoint! by rojay12

This is something I threw together when having to relink a couple dozen InfoPath libraries all containing 100-1000 forms. Why Microsoft doesn't have a check all button at the top of the page is beyond me. Here it is... 1) Open the library. Click Settings...
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Getting jQuery to work with MasterPages by rojay12

Maybe someone from the ASP.Net community can enlighten me, I have always had the hardest time getting the script, css, etc working/rendering correctly when used on the masterpage. On the masterpage I always have to use an absolute path on the script or...
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