Sirius kicks total ass...too bad this is just for 3 days

Damn...I'm glad I'm the IT guy around here - leave it to me to personally dedicate oodles of my employer's network bandwidth and chalk it up as "research".  This morning on my podcast I signed up for Sirius' free 3-day trial so I could check out sattelite radio for the first time (with me being in infrastructure-impoverished Guam).

This totally freakin' rules.  I've been through several of the channels (mostly hard rock, but I dabbled in hip-hop and bubblegum pop), and none fail to impress.  I'm really digging this, and it's a good tradeoff - paying for songs I know and love in exchange for an elimination of jerkass DJs being schticky and incessant, repetitive commmercials for stuff I'd never use anyway.

Every few songs, there's the occasional self-promoting spot, and cross-referential plug for other Sirius shows, which I actually appreciate a lot.  This is way cool...I'd totally pay for popular music on satRadio and get indie cuts on the Podsafe Music Network.  I'm going to be severely depressed Monday when the trial runs out. 


(You can also listen to me talk about what other consumer tech products I can't use out here in Technical NeverNeverLand, and what's I'd get into if I were in the States here.)

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