Still learning ins and outs of Google Reader

I'm realizing that while I'm remaining less forthright in flaming Google for the perceived inadequacies of Google Reader, the one thing that is getting on my nerves is a lack of help links or tutorial documentation.  I stumbled across the fact that the program can read and more importantly play podcasts yesterday, and apparently I'm not the only one.  Today I jjust figured out that I'm supposed to be reading feeds from the "Home" link, not the "Read Items".

It's a lot of fun and a cool, new way to get RSS-based information, but a tad more help for idiots like me would be appreciated.  I'm in the crowd whose main frustrationn comes from the fact that we're admittedly used to using aggregators in a certain way based on other services and programs.


  • I'm sharing your pain ... have you found a way to leave comments without having to open the origonal posts yet?

  • Hi Plip,

    No...not yet. Actually, I'd think that adding comments would be too blogging app-specific (and there are only a few of the open APIs available that are widely supported outside of the program like Blogger, WordPress, etc.), so the safe bet would be just to visit the source page. It's a pain, but it works.

  • One other thing...I for some weird reason can't get one Flickr photostream to properly unsubscribe...I've tried and get a confirmation message saying I've released it, but it keeps showing up.

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