I'm moving...

I finally setup JASONSALAS.COM, so I'll be replicating/archiving some of my blog posts over the next day or so as I transition content to my new domain.  I've not used Blogger as a publishing tool before, so setting up some of the feed and archive directories is a new thing.  I've really enjoyed .TEXT, but it's time to try something new.


  • The world is his who enjoys it.


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    Such a usefule blog…really

  • Hey guys,Picked up my first iPhone a couple weeks back (3GS) and stblumed across your podcast. I listened to the latest, and really dug it, so I've gone back to the first and am making my way through. Love it!Question for ya I'm a voice actor in Los Angeles, and am looking for a good way to record my auditions on the go. I have been hipped to programs like iProRecorder and FiRe, but have yet to find an input device that can sound semi professional. I used to have an iPod Touch, and I tried the Alesis ProTrack rig, but that sounded awful. I then moved on to the Blue Microphones Mikey, which I read good things about, but realized after it arrived that it wasn't compatible with the Touch, so I returned it.Now that I finally have an iPhone (a.k.a. God Phone), maybe I should give Blue Mikey another whirl. Before I do though, I was wondering if you fellahs had any input on the subject.By the way, you both will have definitely heard my voice at some point as WOW players. I did the voice for Illidan. Har.Keep kicking ass!

  • Podcasting got off to a very fast start. Now that all the hype is over, only the serious shows will thrvie. This is a good opportunity for people that produce regular good shows to gain listeners like yourself.

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