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  • iTunes Music Store should adopt subscription for TV programming

    I suggested when pontificating over the merits of the iTunes Music Store's for-purchase method of ABC network television programming a permanent subscription format. This can easily be done by applying the proven opt-in concept of RSS, perfectly marrying the tried-and-true media concepts of print's paid, inncentive-based subscription with TV's traditional syndication.

    How cool would it be if Apple/ABC/other sources collaborated on a permanent subscription model for network TV content? A consumer would pay a set fee for a certain number of episodes, which would be a certain percentage cheaper than if you bought an entire season's shows individually and got automatic delivery of the content. It's retooling information by applying new media applications to proven concepts, taking a page right out of Sports Illustrated (pun intended), and from blogging/podcasting.

    Think about it: assign users a secure account in the iTunes Music Store. They agree to pay $25.37 for a 15-episode season of "Grey's Anatomy" (15% off the cover price of $1.99 per episode). Add an incentive - subscribers exclusively get an extra bonus video of cast interviews, outtakes, etc. - and programmatically subscribe the user's local version of iTunes 6 to an authenticated RSaS feed that delivers their shows according to a set schedule (an additional subscriber-only incentive might be they get the video a few hours earlier than its released in the ITMS).

    For the consumer this would mean cost-effectiveness, guaranteed delivery, convenience and reliable viewership. And the networks get more money up front, regardless of the quality of their programming, the ratings of their stuff, or whether the end-user actually watches their stuff, or not. It's the perfect application of RSS to paid content.

    Operators are standing by, cancel anytime.

  • My big project: Guam's first broadband channel

    A rumor's been making its way around the island lately about the possibility that I might be working on plans to develop Guam's first broadband channel.  Why hide it...yep, 'tis true!  I'm developing the architecutre, infrastructure, revenue model and delivery format(s) for a new KUAM collection of multimedia content, accessible over a variety of digital devices and platforms (desktop, web browser, MP3 players, PSP, wireless/mobile/PDA).  It'll feature rich, high-quality, archived/live video, audio, podcasts, downloads and more through a really slick interface. 

    That's all for now!

  • My new sportstalk TV show premiered

    There's truly no business like show business.  I spent the latter part of last weekend feverishly researching & writing the new weekly 30-minute sportstalk TV show that I developed and I'm producing and co-hosting with Brant McCreadie.  We were taping through the weekend, with final editing today before it debuted this evening on my station's NBC affiliate channel.  It's really a heckuva lot of tedious work, what with booking guests and developing content, but tons of fun, and it's about sports, so it's not really that laborious.  We've got a really cool eclectic sporty set that looks like the inside of a locker room with a ton of props.  ESPN it's not, but it serves it's purpose.  God, I love my job.

    The format is basically/intentionally a lethargic jock and a lanky geek sitting around talking local and national sports (I'll let you figure out who is who).  The personality contrast adds to the hilarity.  The show is half scripted, half improvised, and in a segment based on the latter I made a mistake, referring to Jim Leyland, the former Florida manager who won the Marlins' first World Series, as Jim Lampley, who as well all know is an HBO boxing analyst.  Oops.  I also erred by first referring to my fantasy football tips segment "Fantasy Focus" (which it is) as "Fantasy Factor". Damn.

    The show is basically a TV port of the sportstalk radio show I've been doing for more than a year, with several new segments taking advantage of the visual medium of TV, and a few new interactive features with banter between Brant and I.  You can watch it every Monday @ 5:30pm on KUAM-TV8 in Guam, catch the stream in our archives, or check it our as a podcast.  I'll put up streaming video of the show on my site and on Google Video and as a PSPCast in a few hours (I'm pretty stoked about that).  I'm also working on a wireless content distribution format for mobile phones.

  • Suffering through buffering: MTV's "Overdrive " - streaming...but not quite?

    I'm thinking I may have to issue a retraction for what I'm about to assert at some point in the future, with Guam's bandwidth being crappy (along with other infrastructure- and consumer-based technologies).  But I've spent a hefty part of what I'm assuming is a lovely Sunday evening trying to figure out exactly if MTV's customizable broadband service, MTV Overdrive, really is supposed to deliver video to my desktop by way of archived streams, or not.  

    I've tried a few different times throughout the week at various times of the day to capitalize on non-peak load, and I can't get the video to truly play-as-I'm-watching, being forced to endure long buffering periods.  It took me about 54 minutes to finally get all 8.5 minutes of a Kelly Clarkson piece from the 2005 VMAs.  And when it did come down, it was stellar - crisp video, rich audio - and I really dig the playlist feature.  But it was a major chore getting to that point.

    Maybe it's just me, or maybe the demand for VMA videos is still in high demand.

  • Peter Jennings (1938-2005)

    I've lost a colleague today.  My thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to Peter Jennings' family and the folks at ABC at his untimely passing.  As a fellow broadcaster, he's someone whose style, suave and charisma were something all of us in the business admired and tried to emulate.  He had announced he had lung cancer this past April.

  • "Grey's Anatomy" season only 7 episodes? Damn.

    My favorite show this "season" (if we can even call it that anymore) is ABC's "Grey's Anatomy".  Funny, great writing, and yet again showing that shows about hospitals, police precincts and law firms never go out of style. 

    With Guam getting most of its basic cable service on tape delayed, I just caught last night that next week's episode will be the season finale.  I'm happy that what's become a TV season these days thanks to the morphing effects of reality programming (I mentioned this in my podcast today) predicates that for most programs, the entire set of new episodes is shown all at once.  However, I was bummed to find out that GA only had 7 or so episodes in its first run.  It hasn't gotten the fanfare or prolonges marketing push that "Desperate Housewives" and "Lost" got, but it's managed to hold its own.

    I hope the show comes back for season 2.  If not, let me know when the DVD's ready.

  • Not a bad consolation prize: ousted "Dream Job" contestant Casey Stern lands gig with

    I was really happy to see Casey Stern, one of the guys who didn't make the final cut for ESPN's first season of its "Dream Job" reality program, anchoring a webcast on  He's a good kid with some talent.  Glad he got picked up.

    I also remember my personal fave, Zachariah Selwyn, landed a TV gig hosting a dodgeball program on cable (which we don't get on Guam).  I wonder what became of Aaron Levine, the runner-up to winner Mike Hall, who now hosts ESPNU (which we also tragically don't get).

    Ahh...a quick Google revealed that it looks like Aaron got in at a CBS affiliate station in Bakersfield, and that fellow final four candidate Maggie Haskins now works for Sports Illustrated.  Good for them.  I've found yet another reason to hate reality TV - here I am stuck in Guam.  :)

  • Beyond the glitz and glamour...

    OK, I had my moment of gratuitous self-indulgence when I verbally patted myself on the back for having won an award for "Best Regional News Site" for my work with KUAM.COM

    I'm seriously more proud of my colleague and longtime friend, Mindy Fothergill, who also won Best Documentary for her incredibly personal story "Finding My Roots", in which she, an adoptee who hadn't seen her birthmother since she was 3, made the trek back to Korea to meet her for the first time in 21 years.  Absolutely emotional stuff, and we're phenomenally in awe of her courage to do so.  That I could never do, much less document and broadcast it.

    I've known and worked with Mindy for 5 years, but we know each other like it's been 15.  I'm extremely honored to win this alongside her.

  • Why doesn't VH-1 do DVDs?

    One thing that really confounds me as a marketing major, a TV industry professional and lifelong critic of other people's work is why VH-1, despite all it's phenomenal success and acclaim, especialy over the last 4 years, doesn't get more into merchandising its shows and series by making them available on DVD.

    Comedy Central really had revolutionized the practice of cashing in on its shows by selling past seasons of its biggest hits, like "Chapelle's Show", "South Park", and "Reno 911".  And with VH1 currently dominating the market for niche-and-nostalgia series (i.e., "I Love the 80s", "I Love the 70s", "The Fabulous Life Of...", et al.) one would think this would make for a perfect sales opportunity.  Hell, if I were a VH-1 marketer, I'd be foaming at the mouth to be able to take on this project.

    One might think that Brian Grazer, the TV genius who produced the first season of "South Park" and then moved to an executive role at VH1, would be in favor of such a strategy.  Not having the privilege of knowing or talking to Brian, I wouldn't know.  Both networks recycle their programming more than a hobo does underwear, and in Comedy Central's case, it still garners millions of viewers tuning in every watch stuff they've seen a thousand times before AND own on DVD.

    Maybe it's in the works, maybe the third-parties that produce the series and shows on VH1 would demand too much in royalties, maybe there's something else afoot, I admittedly don't know.  Would be nice though.