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April 2005 - Posts

You go, Paris: Hilton's podcast starts today

As the kids say these days: Don't playa hate...appreciate!

Now understand that I'm a news/sports reporter, so I won't even begin to try to assume the role of Hollywood hype agent or public relations fluffer.  But on a marketing level, I do applaud and have looked forward to hearing the first big-budget, heavily-promoted podcast, featuring none other than Paris Hilton.  Granted there is an ulterior motive - the plugging of her new movie House of Wax, but there had to be some point to it, right?  I've already subscribed to the movie's RSS feed at work with iPodder, so it'll be waiting for me when I get in.  Man, how can you not love time-shifted content?

So get off your high horse, suspend disbelief, and give it a listen: http://houseofwaxpodcast.com/rss.xml 

(And for those of you who still won't listen and think this to be crap, there's also a similar strategy in the works for the forthcoming Superman flick).

It's a historic moment for new media.  Appreciate that.

Binary WAIS & indexing for searchable Flash animations
I blogged several days ago about Internet technology at the moment not widely being able to index multimedia files, so podcasting content can be indexed and searched through by services like Google.  So for the moment, WAIS searches are limited largely, if not exclusively, to text documents. 

Undoubtedly, such functionality will come along and be consumer-affordable, but I would think that the Flash community would be highly in favor of this.  I don't clain to be an expert on Flash, and I know to a certain degree an animation can procude metadata about an animation.  But how far away are we from making this work for long-form animations and movies?
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Gas prices lowered right as I talked about them...
So I said during my podcast today how I felt about the astronomical price for gasoline.  Of course, me being the king of bad timing, Shell reduced its rates for petroleum by $0.10 on Guam.
Digital Pontification: Podcast Show Notes (4/29)

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Topics discussed:
  • I don't think skunks smell that bad...really
  • Listener E-mail: what celeb who would I hook up with?  Alyssa Milano, hands down.
  • Paris Hilton's podcast starts April 29
  • Vallejo in the house: Glenn Munlawin's podcast debut
  • The staple crops of karaoke night: "Mandy" and "Just Once"
  • Other sound-seeing tours coming
  • I'm going to try to hit the road this weekend and see if I can buy a mobile recording device locally
  • My Bad - it wasn't Chris Frazier that had cool feedback on the ability to voice indexing
  • Lori froim Alabama reminids me of National Treasure with Nicolas Cage
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        Digital Pontification: Podcast Show Notes (4/28)

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        Topics discussed:
        • There was an unbelievably wonderful sunrise this morning...and I'm an idiot for not taking a picture of it
        • Praise from Caesar - Dan Klass e-mails me about my comments on his podcasting book
        • Lemony Snickets on DVD already?  Good grief...this is even worse than Spanglish!
        • I NEVER watch the Director's Version of my DVDs
        • Child rearing at its finest: my fond memories getting spanked by the nuns in Catholic school
        • Mashup - ZZ Top vs. Pink "Sharp Dressed Party"
        • Can/will there ever be a Metallica podcast?
        • Growing up grammatical
        • Charles Chen sounds off on single-page websites
        • Congrats to my main man Dr. Jay Sunga
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              Business, religon, and porn: the origins of PodcastAlley.com
              Michael Geohegan from Podcast Solutions conducted a great interview with Chris McIntyre from PodcastAlley.com about the origins of his site & directory service, how he cnanged the game of promoting podcasts, and his thoughts on business, religon, and porn - by Chris's own admission, the main content categories that would drive podcasting. 

              Chris also shares his vision for the future of podcasting - producing, distributing, marketing, and archiving.

              It's a great listen: http://www.podcastsolutions.com/archives/2005/04/24/podcast-solutions-interview-chris-mcintyre/
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              Pre-compilation with ASP.NET 1.x
              OK, I'm thought I understood the page compilation process in ASP.NET 1.x to explain it, but I guess not.  I had thought that in that version of the .NET Framework, each and every .ASPX file HTTP handler and other resources, the first time it's accessed, takes a little while to spin-up because it checks for the existence of a corresponding DLL within IIS, and finding none, creates one.  Subsequent page requests are speedier than the initial hit because of the existence of this DLL.

              I backed up a large web app to another server on the same network today, and expected to have to browse to as many ASPX pages as I could to get the ball rolling.  But while my site's DEFAULT.ASPX page in the root directory did take awhile (actually, a lot longer than I'm used to, like 20 seconds), the entire app seemed to run as if it had been in place for years.

              So with ASP.NET 1.1 does the entire app get pre-compiled?
              Wiki feature set: highlight proposed changes to current document
              One thing I'm playing with at the moment is a test module that will work with the ASP.NET page model's OnTextCnanged event, to displayed changed content in subsequent versions of a wiki web page.  So for instance, in a document I wrote yesterday, I edit the content and post the update to the server. 

              Upon looking at the changed content, a small Label control (or other visual device) shows the precise area(s) that were changed between versions, and highlights them as such.
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              "Podcast Solutions" book looks to be real gem
              I mentioned in my podcast this morning how the good folks at Friends of Ed, an APress company, are coming out with a new book (with a planned September release) on podcasting, "Podcast Solutions".  I've been fortunate to read a few of the pre-manuscript chapters, and it's phenomenal.  It's wonderfully researched, beautifully written, and very thorough for those of us that produce podcasts, or just those who enjoy listening to them.  It's shaping up to be a great read for the novice and experienced podcast enthusiast.

              Do make plans to pick this up.

              Podcast Solutions
              by: Michael Geoghegan & Dan Klass

              Podcast Solutions is a shrewd and comprehensive guide to podcasting. From downloading podcasts to producing your own for fun or profit, Podcast Solutions covers the entire world of podcasting with insight, humor, and the unmatched wisdom of experience.

              In its 200 pages, you'll learn everything you need to know to find, subscribe to and receive quality shows on your iPod, computer or any other mp3 player, how to plan and design your own top quality podcast, including expert advice on designing a show built for success, how to include music, phone calls and audio feedback into your podcast inexpensively and legally, how to Set up your "podcast studio," whether you're a casual hobbyist or a committed professional.  Includes insights and buying advice on finding the right microphones, mixers, software, hardware, and more to meet your needs and fit your budget.

              You will also learn insider's tips on creating a web presence that will enhance the popularity and professionalism of your show, how to make money with your podcast by attracting sponsors, advertisers, and other revenue sources and many more. Podcast Solutions is the only podcasting book you'll need. It even comes with a CD containing all the software you could need to get started, as well as some professional samples to show you how it's done
              Major Selling Points
              • Potentially huge market ­ podcasting is just starting to get really famous. Podcasters include Paris Hilton, Democrat John Edwards, and the BBC.
              • Our book is written by two of the most famous podcasting pioneers
              • Our book not only shows you how to make podcasts, but it also shows you how to start making money out of it, making the transition from amateur pastime to professional pursuit
              • Our book includes as CD with all the software you could need to get started, plus sample podcasts to show you how it's done
              Digital Pontification: Podcast Show Notes (4/27)
              I rapidly downed two King Car Lemon teas, which have the world's largest concentration of caffeine, so the rush kicked in during the podcast (and you can tell).  I also talked about my brief flirtation with reality TV.

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              Topics discussed:
              • Yes, I did live in Seattle for 10 days...a recollection of my experience visiting Jimi Hendrix's grave
              • APress' forthcoming podcasting book is a real gem
              • Glenn from Vallejo hypes metal podcasts
              • I'm polemical, NOT political
              • Did I ever tell you I was almost on a reality show?
              • Me and my timing: CastBlaster finally goes to semi-public beta, but only for WindowsXP and for selected soundcards
              • Reading the lunch menu for Chuck's Steak House
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