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The new marketing tagline for movies from this point on
I'm still coming down from my Apple sugar rush from yesterday, so one more post on the impacts of the multimedia-rich "One More Thing..." announcement Steve Jobs gave. Imagine the new mandated tagline movie compaines, TV networks and content multimedia...
My (virtual) college football season blog
In addition to all of the sportswriting I'm normally doing for the real-life college football action, I'm going to blog about my virtual college football season - in a video game. Passing through Blockbuster tonight my eye caught a copy of EA Sports'...
Hey, console game developers: we need more indoor volleyball titles!
One thing that's bummed me out about console gaming has been the total lack of indoor volleyball titles in the PS2/XBox reign. Beach vball titles will continues to thrive, especially now that we're able to integrate what's essentially softcore porn into...
Office 12 to support "Save As PDF..." - finally!
I was pleased to read that Microsoft Office will add the much-overdue option to let files be exported as PDFs . Thank God. That feature alone makes it worth the cost of upgrading.
Working with RSS-based PSPCasting
I've been looking into PSPCasting - publishing feeds with podcast-like <ENCLOSURE> tags containing references to video files to which PlayStation Portables can subscribe - as a means of distributing news video and imagery. I'm trying to give people...
Damn, damn, damn...
The following isn't at all surprising here in Technical NeverNeverLand, but nonetheless still a bummer: Dear Jason, We appreciate the time you have taken to inquire about the availability of SIRIUS in Guam. At the present time SIRIUS service is only available...
Slingbox rules...but I won't be getting one
Scoble sings the praises of Slingbox, the ultra-cool SlingMedia set-top box that lets you watch TV from any PC. That's a really clever idea, but the threat of negating local advertising dollars, in addition to the concerns the cable industry Scoble mentions...
Skype for Windows Mobile/PocketPC
Running skype on my PDA phone is cool in a major way: http://www.skype.com/products/skype/pocketpc/ Now if only I could get a mobile audio editor like Audacity, I could do mobile VoIP interviews on the road!
Pimp my ride: TomTom GPS auto navigation system includes Guam driving maps?
A local blogger commented on how his co-worker's been rockin' a new TomTom GPS portable navigation device , which....wait for it....ships with detailed driving maps already built-in for Guam! This would be the first, in my experience as a tech journalist...
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