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iTunes Music Store should adopt subscription for TV programming
I suggested when pontificating over the merits of the iTunes Music Store's for-purchase method of ABC network television programming a permanent subscription format. This can easily be done by applying the proven opt-in concept of RSS, perfectly marrying...
The new marketing tagline for movies from this point on
I'm still coming down from my Apple sugar rush from yesterday, so one more post on the impacts of the multimedia-rich "One More Thing..." announcement Steve Jobs gave. Imagine the new mandated tagline movie compaines, TV networks and content multimedia...
Pandora - good as advertised (metaphorically speaking)
I just tried out the new Pandora service, which finally went live Monday and at long last came out of its invite-only shell. The service hosts your own custom radio shows (up to 100, I think) and shares them with friends. It's a really neat idea, bridging...
Posted: Aug 30 2005, 11:48 AM by guam-aspdev | with 4 comment(s)
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10 steps to being a successful Web 2.0 company
Reall, really, really neat stuff here that's not necessarily anti-corporation/anti-big business, but more pro-smart business in the age of new media. Makes you think about leveraging podcasting, blogging, tagging, and metadata'ing the crap out of everything...
The blog now officially a pillar of effective web marketing
I'm stoked to see that people not directly in tech are realizing the importance of blogs as a means of effective web marketing . In fact, it's thought by some to be a critical component, so much so that you won't survive without one: Search Engines and...
Posted: Aug 19 2005, 11:01 AM by guam-aspdev | with 2 comment(s)
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It's Google's world, and we're all just squirrels
Damn, Google acquired Android for its push into the mobile market , right on the heels of a similar acquisition of DodgeBall. I so wanna work there.
Porn star podcasting: the next killer app?
Ever the marketer, I'm always on the hunt for the next big thing. As a software developer, I'm always eager to build the damn thing myself. And as a proud podcaster, I'm always wondering who's going to conceive a universally-applicable business model...
Adopting AJAX in an e-commerce world: projected reactions
Tim Haines has put together a really good idea , a "blogversation" in which he's calling on the blogosphere to debate the merits of AJAX within an e-commerce environment. He even setup Handy Shop , a clever faux online storefront to demo some of the projected...
BlackBerries, Sidekicks - where art thou on Guam???
I ran across a neat little inserted ad when perusing Amazon just now for the new T-Mobile Sidekick II . That's one nice-ass digital device. Same applies for the latest BlackBerry devices . Or Blackberries in general. Which makes me cringe, seeing as how...
One scary-ass product name
I love this company's lemon tea, but I just found this off their site...this really scares me as a product name - especially coming from China. I'm not sure if this is some cultural thing, maybe like a drink meant to protect one from dangerous diseases...
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