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MLB's digital rights and ESPN streaming baseball games live on mobile devices
I was catching up with my podcast listening on the drive home from work tonight. I listened to an ESPN.com time-shifted digital audio presentation from last week about the business side of sports (really good podcasts ESPN puts out, despite my earlier...
It's Google's world, and we're all just squirrels
Damn, Google acquired Android for its push into the mobile market , right on the heels of a similar acquisition of DodgeBall. I so wanna work there.
Only the best of my RSS: LiteFeeds clippings service is truly cool
I've moved all my blog reading responsibilities exclusively over to LiteFeeds , which lets you manage/consume your RSS blog subscriptions via the web, and then also read them on a mobile device. But the feature I've been using a lot lately is the "clip...
Domino's enabling SMS-based ordering for home delivery
Domino's is doing something neat...they're soon going to allow people to place orders via SMS: http://www.mobile-weblog.com/50226711/dominos_get_texty.php Like most things involving consumer technology I doubt this will be available on Guam in the immediate...
LiteFeeds - awesome web-based blog reader with mobile component
In response to a blog post I did a couple of days ago about the imminent need for mobile support in weblogging applications , I found LiteFeeds , a web-based RSS aggregator/blog reader that allows you to manage/categorize subscriptions, upload existing...
A plea for more seamless integration between Web and mobile services
As a user, I've grown tired of online sites and services either (a) not being available via mobile platforms, (b) having an accompanying but limited wireless component that's therefore not worth using, or (c) not mobile equivalent whatsoever. As a software...
Can't access my site's streaming content on WMP9 on Windows Mobile 2003
I was somewhat crestfallen after learning I can't get Windows Media-based streaming video to play on my Windows Mobile 2003 PDA Phone (an Audiovox XV6600), testing it out with my own site's streaming video archive. I'm able to play stuff from the mobile...
Running JavaScript/saving images in Pocket IE
I'm not really liking the fact that I can't save images with Pocket Internet Explorer as easily as I could with Palm OS 5's Blazer web browser . Also, does anyone know definitively what JavaScript features (DOM, API, and otherwise) are supported by Pocket...
Proper platform/device filtering for MMIT mobile content in ASP.NET 1.x
I've got yet another reason to appreciate Google so much. One thing I've noticed about browsing Google when using Pocket IE on Windows Mobile 2003 or Blazer with Palm OS 5 is that the search engine detects the presence of such a mobile device browser...
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