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Last Post!

Well, I am finally making the jump. With the help of Scott's great blogging engine .Text and the guys at SecureWebs I have a new website and blog up and running. All of my future posts will be found over there, and hopefully with Scott's help I will figure out a way to import all my old posts from here. (otherwise they will still be available here)

I have been planning on moving out on my own for a long time, it does not have anything to do with the GotDotNet folks coming over here... I think they will only make this site that much better. The reason I am moving is because I have been wanting to blog about more personal things, but I have held back because I did not want to pollute the main feed.

I thought about keeping this blog here and cross posting .NET feeds, but the main feed is busy enough and it annoys me when I read something twice in my aggregator, so I won't subject anyone else to that pain. Thanks to Scott W. for the awesome blogging engine and starting this community in the first place.

My new blog is at http://www.dotavery.com/blog, hope to see you there.


P.S. If you are into game development be sure to check out http://www.gamedevblogs.com a new site I put together.

.NET Nightly 69
This might be the last .NET Nightly on this blog, if everything goes well with setting up my blog over on my new server then tommorrows .NET Nightly will be found over there, I will post the url for the new blog over here when it is ready though. -James
.NET Nightly 68
How bout a couple links? -James
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.NET Nightly 67
You know, the more and more detached the technology we use the easier it is to have "internet" or "telephone" tough guys... these are people who are willing to be complete assholes to people they don't know, especially if they can do it anonymously. I have to believe that most of the people who will leave crappy comments or be an asshole on the phone, would never do that face to face. (either because the person is "real" then, or because they don't want to get there ass kicked)


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.NET Nightly 66
My new hard drive arrived today, ready and waiting for Longhorn to be installed, too bad that it is in Cincinnati and I am in Cleveland.

and that's all I have tonight..


.NET Nightly 65
I have finally put the gears n motion to move my blog to its own home, I am debating between completely moving my blog and continuing to cross post to my blog here. I think because it is getting so busy over here I will not add any more noise and just move my blog... but we will see. -James
Posted: Dec 05 2003, 10:37 PM by jamesavery | with no comments
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.NET Nightly 64
The laptop I installed Longhorn on sucks big time, so I ordered a new hard drive (which finally shipped) for my current laptop and I am going to try that out and see how it works. I did not want to have to haul two laptops around anway, so it works out for the best in the end. (And much cheaper than buying another system) -James
.NET Nightly 63
I got MSDN Magazine in the mail today and was excited to see an article on Longhorn (written by Dino Esposito), an article on Indigo (by Don Box), and one on Avalon (by Charles Petzold)... it does not get much better than this. -James
.NET Nightly 62
Looks like a bunch of the gotdotnet folks are moving there blogs over here, very cool! I guess they are all just jealous of our sweet .Text blogging sofrware. -James
.NET Nightly 61
I think all holidays should be on a Thursday and involve a mandatory Friday off, this would be good for all of human kind. -James
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