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Updated Builds?

With all of these TOTALLY AWESOME ANNOUNCEMENTS at TechEd will be be getting a new Visual Studio Build, Maybe a Beta??? I know June, but I want it now!

Peace Out,

The Jeff

POLL: Tech Ed or New Laptop?

I am wondering what you would do in my circumstances? I have no laptop and have never been to TechEd, but only have the money to do one or the other. Hmmm...Please respond with your thoughts.

The Jeff

My Google News - Longhorn has its horns trimmed

Can it be true - that Bill and the Boyz will trim Longhorn so they can get it out of the corral for a beta launch next year?” News

Can it be true? Of course, if you have ever worked on a software project (actually most projects do so also) you would know that this was going to happen. But my question is what features would be trimmed? I just found it humorous to see it on my Google News Page.

PC World Link -,aid,115638,00.asp

There is only so long that you can push out a great product like this, people (especially developers) want it in there hands.

DevDays San Diego

Well DevDays San Diego is over, it was GREAT!!! They gave away a great Sample Application IssueVision (I guess this is TaskVision 3) that demonstrates offline caching, security issues and how to make your app use XP visual styles.

I only have one complaint. They gave us (shhh...I don't think anyone else got this book so don't tell anyone else, the San Diego guys did it specially for us or something like that) “Introducing Microsoft WinFX“! I was stoked until I got it. I flipped through the pages, it is the same exact book that we got at PDC named “Introducing Longhorn”. I was pretty bummed, but I still love free stuff, I will have to find some poor Developer to give this to.

Do More With Less
I love the new MS slogan (well kinda new), but I know if some other companies tried to push this to their staff it probably would look a lot like this:
Services, Memory & the big head

Overhead that is...

Well I have working on a small little project in my spare time that needed a Windows Service. So I made one. Wooopideee doo, how easy the .Net Framework makes life. Well after I get it running and all I see that my very small Windows Service is taking up 15 MB of RAM!!!. WHAT??? No way... So I go ahead and remove all of the references to my code and recompiled. 12MB...well that seems a bit large for nothing. So I did some research, durring this research I found a really good search engine to find things .net related right here. (shhh it's our little secret). All in all I found out that I am not familiar with the inner workings of .net (YET!!!), so I am glad there are so people could answer my question and this little ladies question with this code:

public class MemoryManagement
      private MemoryManagement() {}

      [System.Runtime.InteropServices.DllImport ("kernel32.dll")]
      private extern static int SetProcessWorkingSetSize (IntPtr hProcess, int dwMinimumWorkingSetSize, int dwMaximumWorkingSetSize);

      public static void SwapOutProcess() 
if (Environment.OSVersion.Platform == PlatformID.Win32NT)
SetProcessWorkingSetSize(Process.GetCurrentProcess().Handle, -1, -1);

Yahoo, this cut down my service in half. Now it is 7-8MB. I will see how large it is in the morning. Hope my pain could help someone else.

Oh and 7MB still isn't preferable, anyone know of a way to cut it down more?

I'm so excited - getting over the PDC03 buzz

Home sweet Home....Wow PDC this year was just tooo awesome, I wish there was more time to blog while I was there, but with the network and all of the networking it was really hard. It was nice meeting a lot of the bloggers, finally able to put a face to the names. It is actually pretty interesting about names, since you had a one in three (or four) chance of getting someones name right. Here is some of the people I met this week: Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Don, Don, Scott, Scott, Robert, Robert and of course Rory who stands out alone.

You ask, why am I so excited? Well reason number one: I AM HOME. No more going to bed at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning and waking up at 6:30 ish. And second of all I am installing .net framework 1.2 and have so much in my brain that I have to get down on disk....WOOOHOOO!!!! I'll let you know what cool things I find out.

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I have arrived.

Ok, I am here. Wooohooo... No  lines for registration right now as I look over the convention center. It looks like there arent that many people here but I know that there are. I am getting my laptop all setup since mine died right before I came so I got to borrow one. SharpReader, w.Blogger, PDC Community App ( computer isn't showing the main page correctly. Hey if anyone wants to hang out e-mail me and I will get you my cel #, I don't want to put it on the internet for all to see.

Oh, And for those who have not made it into LAX yet, I am sooo sorry. I just heard that they shut down the air ports. I hope you guys can get in quickly.

Well, gonna finish my computer setup. See you guys tonight at BOF!!!

Oh and no in room or wireless high speed internet. Suck. But if you want to pay 67 cents a minute for wired internet then you can enjoy it. Looks like I will be hanging out with the guys at the omni.

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Another Reason to have safari: .Net Patters: Architecture, Design and Process
I just love it when one of my Amazon Wishlist books becomes a safari book. Another book I don't have to buy, thanks to safari books. Oh I wish I could download these books into my PocketPC. .Net Patters: Architecture, Design and Process
"Was both insightful and comprehensive. Itâ€s great to see these patterns presented within the context of many architectural dilemmas facing the vastly interconnected enterprise. Web service architects are sure to see enormous value in this text."—Ed Draper, Microsoft Patterns have proven to be practical tools for the programmer who knows how to use them. In .NET Patterns, distributed computing and .NET expert Christian Thilmany presents both an introduction to patterns for programmers working in the .NET environment and a library of patterns unique to the .NET platform. Part of John Vlissides†critically acclaimed Addison-Wesley Software Patterns Series, .NET Patterns extends the proven concept of design patterns into the arena of .NET design and development. Now, .NET developers can depend on patterns to provide solutions to recurring problems in software design. In addition to covering both lower and higher level programming with patterns, this book also includes helpful primers on XML and web services, as well as thorough coverage of debugging, exceptions, error handling, and architecture. Whether youâ€re working in .NET environments or transitioning to .NET environments, youâ€ll find .NET Patterns a comprehensive resource for software solutions. [Safari Tech Books Online]
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[OT] Clock
Have some freetime? Watch this clock. Pretty Cool
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