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I have arrived.

Ok, I am here. Wooohooo... No  lines for registration right now as I look over the convention center. It looks like there arent that many people here but I know that there are. I am getting my laptop all setup since mine died right before I came so I got to borrow one. SharpReader, w.Blogger, PDC Community App ( computer isn't showing the main page correctly. Hey if anyone wants to hang out e-mail me and I will get you my cel #, I don't want to put it on the internet for all to see.

Oh, And for those who have not made it into LAX yet, I am sooo sorry. I just heard that they shut down the air ports. I hope you guys can get in quickly.

Well, gonna finish my computer setup. See you guys tonight at BOF!!!

Oh and no in room or wireless high speed internet. Suck. But if you want to pay 67 cents a minute for wired internet then you can enjoy it. Looks like I will be hanging out with the guys at the omni.

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