SqlXml - still kicking.

PDC. We use the SqlXml product quite extensively. Wait. That's an understatement. We use SqlXml exclusively. For those of you who don't understand or who are dismissing me, take another look - it's awesome technology.

We were becoming quite concerned that there was maybe only one remaining person working on it at Microsoft since the service pack 2 took, like, months to arrive, but apparently things are still ticking. We were able to corner some guys at the Yukon booth and find out what's up. There are still good things to come with SqlXml and Yukon, namely XQuery.

Of note however: we had the ObjectSpaces guys and the SqlXml guys right beside each other during this conversation. They just didn't seem to want to look each other in the eye. Too bad. Don't they realize just how similar their technologies are? There really is so much overlap. It would be great to see them converge, not move away from one another.

Then the security guy kicked us out before we resolved anything.



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