[PDC'05] Just arrived at the conference center

Just checked in at the conference center and got my stuff: a bag (not a rucksack this time) which looks pretty good, a pretty simple gray kind of t-shirt with the PDC 'logo' on it and some magazines and stuff. Seems we have to wear these plastic bracelets (nice purple color) for the pre-conference sessions.

The WLAN seems to working OK, just got connected with my PocketPC at once. Right now I'm standing in the big hall where they got thousands of PC hocked up to the Net, waiting for breakfast being served. I'm hungry!!

The trip to LA took something like 18 hour all and all. I got up at 4am in Sweden, switched plane in Frankfurt, Germany (2 hours flight) and landed some 11 hours later in LA. Staying at the LA Sheraton Downtown on the 16th floor. The room is large and pretty good. I managed to stay awake til 7 or 8 in the evening before I passed out. Woke up really early, around, and at 6 my wife called :)

Going to spend the day at the Web Services pre-conference session (Building .NET Web Services Today with .NET 2.0 and WSE 3.0)  with Aaron Skonnard. It's be interesting and great fun I hope. Write about that later.

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