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Create Tag-Cloud from RSS Feed in ASP.NET MVC

Say you want to generate your own tag-cloud from a list of categories or tags you pull from an RSS-feed or similar. This is one way to do it. I’m using ASP.NET MVC for this sample which creates a simple tag-cloud in a Razor-view with HTML looking something...
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Please Feedback! Unity, nHibernate, Fluent, Linq... Trying New Architecture Combinations

We're thinking about a new architecture for a set of pretty large WCF (and perhaps also REST) services that's going to be developed during the next year and perhaps you dear reader would like to comment! The services themselves are pretty straight forward...
Posted by jdanforth | 2 comment(s)
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LINQ to XML in VB.NET and Using the Right Language for the Job

I'm almost always using C# in my .NET projects, unless I'm doing Office automation where the VB-way of dealing with optional parameters helps out making the code a bit cleaner. The last week we've been upgrading ASMX-clients to become WCF-clients for...
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