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Binding MediaElement to a ViewModel in a Windows 8 Store App

If you want to play a video from your video-library in a MediaElement control of a Metro Windows Store App and tried to bind the Url of the video file as a source to the MediaElement control like this, you may have noticed it’s not working as well for...
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File Activation in Windows RT

The code sample for file activation on MSDN is lacking some code so a simple way to pass the file clicked to your MainPage could be: protected override void OnFileActivated( FileActivatedEventArgs args) { var page = new Frame (); page.Navigate( typeof...
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Read All Text from Textfile with Encoding in Windows RT

A simple extension for reading all text from a text file in WinRT with a specific encoding, made as an extension to StorageFile: public static class StorageFileExtensions {     async public static Task<string> ReadAllTextAsync(this...
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Sideloading and Testing Windows 8 Store Apps on Other Machines

This is a good, short article how to create a store app package and test on another machine, see
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