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Haven't blogged in awhile... here I go
Ok, I know I haven't blogged in a long time... maybe it's time I start again? <insert poll here>
Lots of things have been going on - been incredibly busy at work and haven't had time to do @#$%.
I recently had the pleasure of contributing to James Avery's latest book Visual Studio Hacks. He has worked incredibly hard on this book and I know it will turn out well.
... on another note... I really wonder how many people want SO BADLY to contribute to The Daily WTF but are scared of who may read their blog? ... I'm sure it's not just me.
All the Myers-Briggs talk!

Myers-Briggs is an incredibly accurate test (atleast for me). My company paid for a Myers-Briggs company to actually bring their people here and do the full test (8 hours) - I'm an ENTP. :)

Very close to an ENTJ, except I don't write anything down or have any organization! I will make a 'to do' list, but not follow it!

The test everyone is posting about here is accurate, and a LOT cheaper than what we had to pay!!


Georgy for Governor!

I'm curious what everyone's opinion is of Georgy, the 26 year old software engineer running for Governor of California. I'm impressed that she takes a firm stand on political issues, but I'm even MORE impressed at the Classic thong you can purchase at her online store!

Best Political Blog, Candidate Division: Georgy for Governor Blog

Ahem. I know you're thinking that this award has something to do with candidate Georgy Russell selling thong underwear on her site. You can give me more credit than than, right? Right? Anyhow, the 26-year-old software engineer deserves kudos for doing something the other candidates haven't: getting personal with a well-written Weblog. She explains her differences with Arianna Huffington, lists her schedule of events and media appearances (surprisingly plentiful), and raised the money she needed to get on the ballot online. OK, the BBC interview with Russell called her a "young thing," but her blog showed she even has some media criticism chops. "The recall coverage in California has given the press unseen opportunities to cover politics," she wrote. "...What we end up with is something for almost everyone in the land of recall entertainment, but not much in the way of the nitty-gritty in terms of candidates' political plans."


C# .... Games.... ?

I just saw a post on GameDev titled Who is using C# to write games?. I was thinking to myself... here we go again; we're asking C/C++ developers to shoot down C# as a gaming technology. MUCH to my surprise, it was quite the opposite! Seems a lot of people that posted here really love using C# and find it quick, easy, and powerful... from my experience at GameDev, that's pretty impressive. I honestly think C# will see it's day in the gaming world. One user, Pseudo, posted a few small graphics projects he has written in C#... check it out!


Grant me the serenity.... SQL crosstabs

Ever noticed what a pain building crosstabs in SQL can be?... sure, you can buy 3rd party products to do it for you (even some that are only $39), but what if you want to do it yourself? MS Access has the TRANSFORM function that makes life easy.... why not SQL? There are some great articles on various sites with methods to use (such as this), but you'd think SQL would have a built in function... (don't let us down Yukon).


Randy Ridge Website.... finally

Randy Ridge finally put up a website with some sort of navigation... I know it was hard for him to get away from the Notepad Framework, but he came around... (RSS). If you don't know what Tao is, you should go check it out... oh yeah, and don't forget to leave a donation.



Windows 95 4.47 mb?

There's a cool article over at MSBetas about a group of folks who got Windows 95 down to 4.47mb. Not exactly sure why anyone would do this, but an interesting read! There's also a link here to download Yukon beta 1.



Ever tried to make a delegate that accepts a void* parameter? Since it's type-safe, you'd want/need to support multiple datatypes and ranks (if there's arrays involved) so you end up have to do Foo1, Foo2, Foo3 because you can't overload a delegate based on just parameter types, you actually have to explicitly change the method's name. Any methods that accept the delegate, you have to provide an overload for each of the additional delegates... multiply that by a delegate that accepts 2 or 3 void* params.. you get the picture.



Orilogic - Data Layer Codes Generator

Looks like Orilogic released Code Generator 2.0 today. The new additions allow you to return data as a DataReader or a DataSet and dynamically bind data layers using .NET Metadata and Reflection using DBBase. To download the tool, you have to go through a quick register process... there is an online demo available here.


SDL.NET New Forum

I'm thinking of downloading SDL.NET and trying to get it play nicely with the Tao library. Randy Ridge, one of the CsGL developers, has done an incredible job with the library, and I actually believe the SDL.NET project at one time (before merges, etc...) was part of CsGL... so surely it can't be too hard...


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