Bonus action on my book

With the poor marketing and positioning of my book, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to live with the idea that it's never going to meet the sales target I hoped for. That's a real bummer. I should have retained the copyright. Now I know better.

But the little bonus is that a third-party is going to publish a chapter as part of an e-book, and I'm getting a nice one-time cut from that.

I guess it could have been worse though. The first version of the cover text was absolutely horrible and would have likely turned off every person that picked it up off of the shelf. They didn't put something on the cover about .NET v2 because they were worried about RTM delays, yet they (and every other publisher) seemed to be pushing v2 titles.

Anyway, if you're reading this, and you're still trying to "get" .NET and come from a script background, Maximizing ASP.NET is for you. Most of the feedback I've had from people in that audience has been very positive.

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  • Jeff,

    I read great reviews about your book and picked it up a few times in the book store. I will say that I only learned of it through your blog so I guess the marketing hasn't been that great on it.

    The reason I've not put down the $$ is that I, like most, only have so much time to read books. I originally picked up Professional ASP.NET 1.1 from Wrox since they have historically produced quality material. Looking back, I should've got your book but at this point I'm looking into design patterns and TDD so books like yours have fallen down my list.

    This is not to say I won't pick it up but I just wanted to provide you some feedback.

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